The Big Picture: In Defense of "Booth Babes" (sort of)

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Anyone who calls anyone else a "White Knight" for wanting women to be treated fairly is an idiot, plain and simple.

Not everyone is a lecherous scumbag whose only motivation for defending women is sex; some are just decent fucking human beings who don't want people acting like bigots.

Except Bob hasn't substantiated his arguments and instead blames gaming culture for a problem that really isn't theirs.

1) No one in the gaming community hires booth babes

2) When booth babes are taken out of events, it's the press that complains.

3) The Booth babes wanting to dress up in risque fashions is their choice.

I find it amazing that when you look at the argument Bob is making, it basically goes right to cosplayers who want to wear costumes just as they want. Further, Bob is REALLY banging this "sexism is bad" moral politics crap way too hard. We get it. He doesn't like sex. That's his choice. But the preaching is not his strong suit.

And maybe, just maybe, having a conversation about this can happen without getting into low levels of entry such as ad hominem attacks against strawmen? Just a suggestion.

So activists trying to fix a perceived issue not only annoyed a bunch of people, and put other people out of work, ended up adding to the issue.

I admit I don't get the issue. I went to PAX with my wife twice and not only did she never have any issue with the booths but she never had a single issue with the attendees. This whole issue seems to almost entirely generated by the gaming media.

Sure you'll find idiots out there who will embody the issue, and the internet is full of trolls, but what your still talking about is a tiny minority.

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