Games for Windows Die

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Don't worry, internet piracy will save us.

People bashing again...

FO3 has no DRM, you can quite happily start and play the game without it ever running.

Oh well, if GfWL did die, that would just be another notch in the yar har diddly dee argument for pirating dead games for free.

It's not piracy when it's dead, it's art preservation. It's like preserving a priceless paining, and making copies of it so that everyone can enjoy what would otherwise be destroyed by the elements.

GFWL refused to work properly on my machine for the best part of it's life. It would try to download a profile then just fail in a big cloud of derp. Arkham Asylum would never save properly if i hadn't cracked it. The service hates me Hotmail/ live/ Xbox live account and no amount of requests to fix it have thus far worked.

The service was beyond an insult. I will NEVER buy anything from any kind of Microsoft marketplace on the PC or even the Xbox now we find out our downloadable titles won't carry over at all (NO backwards compatibility for even XBLA games is a piss poor showing). GFWL killed any chance of that ever happening. I will Tolerate being a Microsoft customer if i absolutely have to. Anything beyond that i will go out of my way to avoid them. In my experience, between Windows "Lol-get-a-touchscreen-noob" 8, the long grind of GFWL and the Xbox One, they are a sack of shit.

People bashing again...

FO3 has no DRM, you can quite happily start and play the game without it ever running.

You must be very lucky, because without using one of the various methods to disable GFWL, GFWL is required by Fallout 3.

1) Shutting down a store is actually a big deal. Arguably not in case of GFWL because all of those games were available in retail and so if someone wants to buy a copy of GoW or whatever, they can buy it on eBay. However, any closure of a digital store is a warning - once, some store with exclusive rights to a game/games will vanish which means nobody will be able to get the game legally again. It's like with MMORPGs. Wanna see what the first MMORPGs looked like? Tough luck. The games are gone. Just like the games that require Steam will be gone in 20 years.

Today, if you want to play a 30-year old game, you can still get a copy on 5.25" disks or something and play it legally in an emulator. With all-digital, you can't.

2) Remember, MS did shut down their previous music service (can't remember its name) including the DRM servers and DID ask the users to trust them again with their next music service. Which, I think, doesn't work anymore either.

I would not be surprised if they have realised, like EA, that they are missing out on a lot of potential profit by not having serious competition with Steam for digital releases. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they were planning to drastically revamp it and make it a decent rival to Steam and Origin.

Especially considering that they are so adamant that the future is in digital gaming.

Heh. "It would generate an unending torrent of bad press and ill will." More like an unending torrent of... torrents. :D

I don't know why people are getting angry about this now...Uplay already locked me out of all my AC games /:
The fears and annoyance have already been validated, I guess it'll just be a bigger company, assuming this does happen.

Edit: Also, I do not want a fucking rival to Steam. No no no no. No. I like having all my games centralized on Steam, I don't want to have three different distribution systems that I have to switch between to play games.


People bashing again...

FO3 has no DRM, you can quite happily start and play the game without it ever running.

You must be very lucky, because without using one of the various methods to disable GFWL, GFWL is required by Fallout 3.

GFWL is only there for the achievements. You don't even have to log-in :/

Hell, the disk version has SERCrom which can easily be bypassed by launching directly from the main .EXE

This has also been my reasoning behind it. The infrastructure of the current setup may not allow for the kind of changes this individual feels is necessary.

The thing about launching from the background when you start the game always seemed like a smart decision to me. When I start a game, especially from Steam, I don't want to be greeted with a message saying "Sorry, it looks like Games for Windows LIVE isn't running. Please be sure it is active before attempting to launch this game." But the drawback was the updates, which even for games I bought on Steam were only available through LIVE. Having to leave the game running while it updated, which sometimes ate up 100% of my CPU, was a pain.

That said, being Microsoft, they had another option: Integrate it into Windows directly, like they did with Windows Update. That way it's always running dormant in the background but not using up hardly any memory. I'm kind of surprised that they didn't take it in this direction for Windows 8, considering that Windows 8 has its own built-in app store thingy already.

The Batman games at least have gotten Steam achievements. So has Bioshock 2. Some games like Dirt3 have the code set, but those aren't active yet.
GTAIV and Episodes have also appeared with the flag active, although no Achievements exist yet.

I am pretty sure this is the case for more games, so that when GFWL does get mercy-killed, many games will be updated to use Steamworks instead.

I guess the only "dead" games will be Microsoft's own.

Those probably will be salvaged too. There have been rumors of the Halo series being available on Steam in the near future, and Microsoft-published XBLA ports have been Steam-exclusive for about a year now. If Microsoft is indeed planning to replace GFWL with a new service of their own, it's a very recent development and yet another flip-flop from an earlier plan.

Killing GFWL is the lesser evil if you ask me.

Yeah it would be somewhat sad not to be able to play games which currently use GFWL, but in all honesty, I would rather see the entire service die than have future games with that shit service. If the price for killing GFWL is that I lose the ability to play all the games which have used it... then so be it.

Keeping the service alive for existing customers and locking it off from future games aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, only one game in the last year has launched that uses it, and that's because that game had been stuck in development hell for a long time, so they probably already have cut it off for publishers.

Its nice to see that even on the escapist some cracks are being called mods now :)

Even if killing GFWL would mean your games wont work (it doesnt) it would be a benefit to humanity as a whole. hence why they are nto doing it. because its microsoft. I guess soon cracks will be the only way to play games without third party intrusiveness.

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