Escapist News Now: Battlefield 4 Premium Details - Gamescom 2013

Battlefield 4 Premium Details - Gamescom 2013

Today at the EA press conference at Gamescom DICE revealed some details about the digital content service called Battlefield 4 Premium.

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How nice to know how they plan to milk you further without even having had a chance to play the base game, right?

P.S.: *rawr* /SCNR

Yeah it's so nice to know they're actively encouraging elitism and charging for it. If it forces origins on us PC gaming master race then I shall not...ah hell it's EA we shouldn't be buying it on that grounds alone.

This is effectively what Battlefield 3 had, it is not a sudden new thing. It did rather well in its previous iteration for sales and the only version Call of Duty had was the retarded yearly subscription moddle that forced you to pay more per year than Battlefield 3 Premium asked from the one time payment.
Wether you like it or not this is how DLC is done by EVERYONE now so how about less bitching from the peanut gallery and more actually intilectually stimulating conversations.

Pay to get into the exclusive club, yay. Maybe it's worth it if this is the only game you are interested in.
Vive l'évolution!

PS: the print on that t-shirt is lovely.

I play bf3 a lot, and so go premium for that. Gonna play bf4 a lot, so going to get premium straight away this time. Its cheaper then buying all the expansions separately, plus you get more guns (not necessarily better ones).

Each expansion always has a theme it builds on (armoured warfare, close quarters, CTF based maps) so its good to change up the game every few months, make you play in a different way.

I don't know why some guys are complaining, its not mandatory, its for people who really like the game. So, let us enjoy it.

I do own BF3 Premium as well, but i got it late and haven't played the add-ons nearly as much as the base game, so I'm gonna wait and see this time. They already want 60 bucks for the base game and i have an unwritten rule not to pay more than 50 for a PC game (got BF3 limited for 40 on release).

@Deviluk: You will want people to buy it, or you won't have anyone to play with/against.


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