Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: About The Drought

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Sorry, but no polygons no emotions.

Are we in a summer games drought? Hmmm... I hadn't noticed, I'm too busy trying to plow through the back catalogue of games I bought during the Steam summer sale.

Maybe when I'm done I'll have time to try this "outside" thing that Yahtzee was blabbering about.

Jimothy Sterling:


LMFAO! hahahah

I'm going to stop thinking of this as a competition with both participants doing such good work.

It never was a competition. It was just another creative avenue for 2 guys who seem to like making content for multiple videos/formats. This whole who won this week crap is rather pointless.

So Jim wins this week.

Loved both of them.

This has happened for a while for me and yes this is true. There is a certain gap during summer where barely any games come out and there is nothing to play. That is when I usually resume watching my anime/TV series or movies that I have in my backlog.

This is coming from an exclusive PC gamer though so keep that in mind.

My Real Life Emotion Polygon count is too low. Guess I'll call David Cage, seeing as I haven't figured out how to emotion enough for my polygons to emotion emotionally. Emotions emotions.

Yeah, same old shit. I don't care how bleeding-edge graphics are getting, the Uncanny Valley is still hella deep. Most games that honestly try and emote with simulated humans end up feeling like grisly galleries where corpses on strings are danced around like puppets. Games handle divergences from human proportions and traits much better. It can be subtle or it can be in-your-face, but inhuman or less-than-human traits go a long way towards making me care.

I don't mean "Inhuman" as in "ugly", though. Elizabeth's Disney Princess-like facial proportions aren't realistic, but they enable her to emote in a terribly effective manner. On the other hand, Call of Duty's gaggle of soldiers from various backgrounds has the personality of a rock.

It never was a competition. It was just another creative avenue for 2 guys who seem to like making content for multiple videos/formats. This whole who won this week crap is rather pointless.

Most things with the term "down" slapped at the end, "something(usually a verb)-down", are generally considered to be a competition or a faceoff. The use of "down" like that comes from the ordering of a list from best to worst, or from higher to lower position (or, it just comes from showdown from poker, there's some debate on this but the conclusion of competition is the same). One easy example of this is a showdown: "a final test or confrontation intended to settle a dispute." which was an obvious choice in something like poker where you show your cards by laying them down on the table. This is the same reason why a sing-off, dance-off, etc is an almagam of the verb and faceoff. Hoedowns are another popular example of competitions that appropriate the term, down, in which dancers try to outdo one another with "fancy" footwork and the like. Hoedown itself is used in other sports/events for the same reason but is not always necessarily a competition nowadays. Verb-off is by far the more popular due to the word off sounding better with other terms and is almost always a competition but the two are synonymous.

Forgive me, and the others who likewise mistook this, if a title coined by two excellent and knowledgeable wordsmiths misled me into initially believing the term was being used traditionally[/sarcasm]. Only the context and tone of the pieces led me to eventually conclude that the appropriation of down in conjunction with rhyme was similar to how a hoedown is most often used nowadays. Just as an event to gather at and enjoy rather than necessarily a faceoff to see who is better like it has been used in the past and still is in several sports and competitions.

But exactly, the idea of treating it like a competition became evidently pointless by the context of the rhymedowns. Hence why I stated as much. Comparing their work can often be like comparing apples to oranges with both being equally preferred but for different reasons.

Yahtzee, retro review. Killer7, Beyond Good and Evil, etc. there's heaps of old games you should do.

Jim: Seriously, you need to do a second reading of your poem while wearing your David Cage mask.

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