183: Goodbye, Cruel World

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Very well written. I am curious what you got knee surgery for and when, because I was surprised to see you mention it and find it ironic I just had knee surgery for football. It hurt really quite badly, and my parents found it crap that after I had played video games for say....1-3 hours it wouldn't hurt anymore.

Deadman, I had knee surgery for an ACL that I tore during, wait for it, football practice. It was several years ago. Second day of practice and I took a sloppy hit during tackling drill. Just one of those things.

You tear a ligament, damage cartilage?

Nice job! We need more people who write from the gaming point of view.

Very cool article. I found it quite informative.

When I was a teenager I sliced my face open with a ceiling lamp (it's a pretty dumb story so I'll let y'all use your imagination.) After I got back from the hospital I ended up playing Shadowrun on the Sega Genisis for half the night and it was a welcome distraction. It would be nice to give kids games to play instead of pills to deal with pain, but it's an issue I'm torn on. A distraction is just that, a distraction. It doesn't actually help you learn to cope with pain, particularly if you have chronic pain from an injury or something. It's that fine line when between using something to help deal with the pain and using it because everything hurts without it - same as all the painkillers and psychotropics hospitals like to give away by the truckload. I'm sure this is double-true for mental pain.

interesting article. games seem pretty good at fighting off my day to day frustrations. this can be helpful to kids staying in hospitals.

This hits pretty close to home. I remember when I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out and my mom kept telling me to just lay in bed. It was seriously not possible because of the pain, in the end I just used the less strength pain killers they offered me and just played some computer games to occupy myself. That's just one of the situations I've been in where games have helped me.

I would rather have a fight with my girlfriend, win it, ask for forgiveness and then forgive her, and then have her do whatever I say then be distracted by video games. You play those things and you don't experience how messed up this sinful world is so everything ends up being a shocker to you when shit goes wrong, and it usually does....alll the time. No matter how painful, I can't use games to numb myself. Plus games turn you into a pussy. I only play games that last maybe several hours nowadays, similar to puffing on some chronic real quick and then relaxing.

When my mother died when I ws 16, anime was my distraction. Especially The Slayers, it got me laughing again and gave me something to focus on.

I suffer depression, and have forced myself off meds. I won't pretend that games are my solution, but games are one effective way to get your mind off unpleasant thoughts.

Funny that I should just randomly click on this link to get to the site, only minutes after reading about Robin Williams's suicide.

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