Unskippable: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 1

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Part 2 has to happen.
Were you expecting some other sort of response?

So, it's like that Axis Powers Shirohata malarkey, only with video games instead of wars? I can...sort of see the appeal.

Also, I actually don't want to see a Part 2 - I like some actual things on the screen.

Honestly speaking, this game offered comedy without the need for the two of you to make a sound. That said, your input made it more awesome than it was on its own. I want part 2, although I have to echo my fellow escapists here and wish for a Let's Play.

I agree with some of the other posters; I think this would be good fodder for the next GPLP. :)

The "start the game" achievement is useful in some ways; if you see that a friend has ONLY that achievement, then either the game is too awful to play for more than 5 minutes, or your friend is lame. For instance, 1.5% of people who played Half-Life 2 made it to Kleiner's lab, but never left.

On the one hand, I'd like to see a new game with less static.

On the other hand, I want to see you guys do part 2 for the challenge of what you can do with minimal cutscene to go off of.

I'm going to go with No to a part two // Mostly because half of the fun of these videos is watching what is on screen and making fun of it // If it's nothing but still images then half the humor is lost


Wait, what platform is this game for? I want it.

I trust you guys.
Semi on topic: Funimation has the anime to this simulcasting (is it called that?) right now.

Wait... there's an anime?!

I want to see that. I don't know why, but I do.

Loop Stricken:
Wait... there's an anime?!

Yes, same name. The wiki of the game says, it's part of a series for PS3 and PS-Vita.
For the anime, i thought it was about the internet in some way.
But being about a console-war in broadband-age, it's part of it.

Colour for PC is the full rainbow, my mostly AMD/MSI rig has already four colours i associate with the brands.(red/AMD-gpu, green/AMD-cpu, blue/MSI, darker blue/samsung)


Neptune's supposed to represent Sega.

And it's not as Japanese as it could be. Which is the scary part, really.

"Peak Japan"? Dude, there aren't even any tentacle monsters, unnecessarily long transformation/summoning/attacking sequences, or effeminate player-insert characters to whom all females are inexplicably attracted. It must be saving those for later.

Incidentally, I'm fine with skipping part 2, but surely there's another terrible cutscene after the prologue, but before you actually get to play. On to Part 3!

Those were probably in the previous games.

Uhmmmm, this is so bizarre, of course I must see what happens next!!!

Between this (both the video games and anime) and "Aoi sekai no chuushin de" i'm starting to wonder if Japan isn't deliberately trying to flare up under the console wars...

Do the entire game. I can only assume it gets better!

It has to be done and you know it. How about you do what you did with Metro: Last Night and make an in between?

If I don't watch part 2, how will I know the truth about this game?

I want to see part two more than another Atelier game.

I'll let you decide whether that means yes or no.

Part 2!

Oh dear God, YES! Continue this hilarity and madness! You guys did the same to other JRPG's almost as goofy as this one, so you gotta finish it!
As for the sweatpants issue, it depends on the season and weather. Since it's still summer, I still play in my shorts, pajamas, or underwear. And the girls in this video? How old are they supposed to be? It's stuff like that that's making me reconsider being an anime fan.

I absolutely want to see more of this. It may be the greatest idea for a video game of all time.

Well obviously you need to play for 60 hours until you get to the ending and narrate that part instead. Make sure to get 100% completion too for the extended secret ending.

I'll take more mocking of it. Roll on part deux. I have not got the game myself to do it myself. The dialogue was also one of the few things the series had in its favour initially (the first's gameplay was really not good).

Samantha Burt:

Also the PC is right.

Now that you mention it, the PC character should have been blue

The Artificially Prolonged:
Also is the purple PC or iPhone games?

Purple Heart is a Sega Neptune, it was a planned 32X cum Genesis to be released in 1995. This game is from Sega, which is why such an obscure console is the main character. xD

Well, intitially published by Sega anyway, its developer is Compile Heart, (hence the character of Compa. No, really).

I just finished the game yesterday and it was hilarious! (if you get all the references) It even makes retcon jokes about itself. True the 1/2 arsed animations are kinda bs but you get that in all NIS games and a lot of other jrpg's. The game is also missing audio from almost 1/2 the conversations but I can forgive the missing audio & lazy animation because it was so damn funny.

Well, it's not an NIS game, (their American branch were just its localisers and publishers), but yeah, common thing for companies with smaller budgets. Plus, they used the actual character models in the second game, (this is the third), but everyone kinda agreed this was worse than the more expressive portrait gallery, as the models were basically just stand-ins for portraits in this instance.
Also, it's not wholly voiced because there is a lot of dialogue and voice acting doesn't come cheap. I think the original Japanese voice track has more voice acting than the English one, but when you have to pay for both, something has to take the hit when you're not a large localisation outfit and it's not the most popular series in the world.

Do it!

This game has the most subtle symbolism ever. Silent Hill 2 eat your heart out.

I'd only want to see a part 2 if it explains whether that whole 4 CPU nations backstory was real or something the girls just made up as an excuse for them to fight. Or perhaps this game is an elaborate advertisement for a new console painting the Wii, XBox and Playstation as the bad guys girls, since Neptune is the heroine.

I want to see part 2 as much as I want to know why this game happened. Which is quite a lot.

Pretty sure Neptune represented Sega, which had a console named Saturn and a 32X prototype actually named Neptune. And Sega actually "died" in the stand-off with the other consoles.

I can't believe people were bashing this game for it's art design, while there are perfectly good reasons to hate on it already in the intro.


Am I the only one that can't help but suspect this game is a metaphor for something? Hmm?

Or is it only me?

Also, yes Graham, Paul, I want to see more. Not necessarily because I like it, but I want to know where this is going.. What is the plot of this? I need to know!

A lot of stuff.

I think the main plot is the consoles fighting the PC girl because PC doesn't believe the world needs goddesses/consoles. There's also fighting the anti-girl gamer crowd, fighting video game rip-offs, fighting publishers, fighting piracy (Arfoire), I'm sure I'm missing something.

Minimal animation ho!

Do it. Do It. Double Dog Dare You. DO IT!

I'm shocked! shocked! well maybe not that shocked. You have to ask if we want to hear you guys rip on whatever convoluted plot-metaphor symbolism thing that's going on here? Don't you know your fan base?

Part 2 all the way! And just think, at the end you get to post a great big "We TOLD you so!" (and of course we'll demand a part 3) ;)

Of course we want to see more of this. Another episode, a full LP, however much more of this we can get you to do.

No! No! No! Not only will it be mindless and vapid, not silly, but it'll be a game intro that's not even trying, not merely making daft mistakes. Mistakes are funny. Not even trying is annoying.

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