Escapist News Now: Xbox One Day One Exclusive Content

Xbox One Day One Exclusive Content

Xbox will have extra special items in their Day one launch games for the Xbox One.

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I was already planning to get the X1 on launch, but the added goodies are a nice bonus.

still not going to buy it, none of these games appeal to me to begin with. Start coming out with some original IP's and i'll reconsider.

In answer to her questions, nope, nope and yep // I'll be sticking with my 360 for the next while as I don't have the spare cash to be getting a new console // Plus buying day one console is a sure fire way of finding all those wonderful bugs!


Andrea I absolutely love your t-shirt where the hell did you get it?

It's the other end of awesome. I'm off to try to google search it now.

Oh yes and xboxone stuff, very interesting.

Bryan Hinson:
Start coming out with some original IP's and i'll reconsider.

Isn't Rome a new IP?


Never had any intention on buying the X-box, and these exclusives do not make me reconsider.

It would take more than a few exclusive items to convince to go for an xb1 at launch, if at all. Planning to get a bit more life out of my 360 yet - hopefully GTA V should last me a while at least. It's going to be sometime next year before I even consider picking up a next-gen console anyway.

Edit: Oh, and yeh, I am sick of this whole "day one" thing. Enough already!

So they pull content already made at launch from the game and call it "exclusive" content. Wow, so exciting! it will be so exclusive that I myself will be so excluded being too busy buying FULL GAMES on my PC, 3ds and potentially ps4.

Enjoy, microsoft fans! this is just the BEGINNING if they pull this crap at launch. I look forward to seeing the hell microsoft puts its customers through now now that I will never be one again.

Day one stuff has no appeal, i'll be waiting for at least a year before i pick up a next gen console (probably PS4) but looking at my collection now, i have 5 xbox 360 games i haven't played yet, plus all the 360 games will go down in price with the focus on XBOX1 so i'll quite happily vaccum up all those other titles i wanted to play and let them keep me happy for the next year or so before i buy a next gen console.

Also GTA5

I can't see myself buying a next gen console until the new fallout or mass effect comes out.


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