Escapist News Now: Dragon Age: Inquisition PAX Prime 2013 Preview

Dragon Age: Inquisition PAX Prime 2013 Preview

There be plenty of dragons to slay and keeps to conquer in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Wow, some of those textures are really crap, even the FX. Scripted dragons fights, take the hill mechanics, and an auto-repeated slogan "power over your own fate", I am not seeing a lot of progression in this game. Is sounds more like DA: I with a few of the elements from DA:II mixed in and made more optional (after they argued so vehemently against doing that in a patch for DA:II). It is their claims of being able to shape things your way, that has really set of my spidey senses. It sound more like the game is a tactical sim where you take one area at a time, and there is about as much choice in doing this as there was in DA:II when they pretended there were choices, but everything lead to the same conclusion: "Everyone that is from a different race will turn out to be a dick, and need a good dose of killing", regardless of how diplomatically you handled everything up to the inevitable minor dose of genocide.

I hope I am wrong as this is actually DA:I + sandox mode, but with EAware I doubt it.

._. It looks weird, after seeing the rolling I kind of remembered the witcher......... story please? I hope i really really really hope they get away from the cookie dialog...

Er... what? Why does this look like Skyrim!?

Is bioware completely oblivious to the large number of people liked the first one, and liked it because of the gameplay!?

Ah well. I wasn't planning on getting it unless it reviewed really well with the community and it looks like the communities reaction is a foregone conclusion at this point. No more bioware for me, it looks lie.

I'm rather disappointed to find that I don't have the slightest bit of interest in this, so far. The "keeps" aspect strikes me as especially boring and grating. It's a shame, because I was really hoping for this to peak my interest, because I actually am one of those who enjoyed both DA: O and DAII, albeit in different ways. Also, the graphics engine is not doing anyone any favors; it kind of makes everything look like plastic.

Hope this one finally kills the myth of BioWare storytelling. I will definitely play it. Used. I am never buying a new BioWare or EA game again.

The forums are just brimming with optimism when it comes to Dragon Age, its really refreshing to see.

Looks pretty cool, obviously they haven't released much info so there's not much to go on but I guess I am optimistic at this point and a little upset that I'll have to wait a whole year to see this game.

Gor Kur:
I will definitely play it. Used. I am never buying a new BioWare or EA game again.

Ya know it's statements like this that make me almost wish that the consoles became more like a PC in the sense that you can no longer trade in games. This livid state of some gamers is really starting to grind at the bones, especially as how the average gamer is supposedly 32 years old. I get waiting until a consensus is made before purchasing a game new or used, hell waiting to hear what Duke Nukem and Colonial Marines was like saved me a hell of a lot of money, but this game isn't even out yet and there are people deciding to buy it used. It's childish, and it's a part of the reason we see some companies go bankrupt and fade away.

OT:Game looks good, hate the graphics but it looks fine to me.

Er... what? Why does this look like Skyrim!?

Is bioware completely oblivious to the large number of people liked the first one, and liked it because of the gameplay!?

I was just thinking the exact same thing.

I am looking forward to Dragon Age as I would like to see the story finished but Dragon Age II's failure was not game play. Granted the Birdseye view was removed and enemies re spawned out of nowhere: there was nothing wrong with the four way party gimmick. If I wanted to play Skyrim or The Witcher then I would play either Skyrim or The Witcher.

I just hope we see some old friends from the first Dragon Age game. I need some adventure with Wynne lol.

Like the idea of playing as Qunari though - I could see myself having a great time pretending to follow the Qune.

What's this nonsense about them trying new things? I hate new things. I only want to see the same OLD things over and over and over!

Inquisition sounds really ambitious. It feels like this ambition is in the same flavour as Fable.

Fable didn't deliver (but was still enjoyable anyway), so... I hope Inquisition could deliver. "World Control" is something which has always appealed, but often in a lot of Sandbox games it feels grindy or pointless.

This game does have the potential to be amazing. Or be disappointing.

At least they're aiming for the stars right? Lets hope they don't over-sell the game if they're unable to achieve the expectations they've been promoting.

Female qunari is nice!

Now that the good bits are out of the way we can talk business. The "keeps" mechanic really remind me of Far Cry 3's forts or barricades or whatever they were called or Skyrim's rather pointless dungeons. They are simply there to do it if you want, but completely grindy and unnecessary. I hope it doesn't take the bulk of the gameplay. Also, I want phat loot if I decide to do them. ;d (maybe a best-in-slot piece). I don't think forcing you to do them all for the "best" ending is a wise idea and it will simply feel like grind again.

The combat is nothing like the other 2 games. I don't think it's real-time-with-pause anymore just hack 'n' slash, but it's too early to say, really. The "how many dragons are there?" question was kinda pointless and could've been used for something more interesting, but eeeehhh.

I couldn't tell much from this although the mage design looked pretty good. I like the spellbook. The idea of fighting individual dragons; I think that could tie in nicely with the idea of the old gods of Tevinter.

I mean a lot of this will depend on the final execution but it looks like there are some potentially good ideas here. If nothing else the character interactions will be pretty good, this is still Bioware. Mark me down as cautiously optimistic for the moment.

Awesome, I loved the first one and thought the second one was a bit of a let down. But it looks like they're trying to completely separate themselves from the second one. From what I've seen I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic. And I'm definitely going to play a Qunari on my first run.

Oh thanks be to all gods at once! I was reading along this thread and thought to myself: "Not one person excited about Qunari and happy that they stuck to male and female options with the addition?!" Then I saw some enthusiasm. Huzzah.

Honestly. Loved DA:O; liked DA2 well enough I suppose, though it notably lacked in some areas; really looking forward to DA:I and it's so nice not to be the only one. I understand the pessimism to a point, I do, but... maybe I'm just an optimist - or maybe I just feel like one in comparison. I do think there is a lot of promise and potential in the series yet, and I do get the sense that a real effort is being made to deliver on it. Final judgement to be reserved for after I've played it, of course, but I'm up for giving it a chance for sure.


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