Escapist News Now: PS4 Plans Virtual Device

PS4 Plans Virtual Device

Sony plans to release the virtual device, or so the rumor goes.

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The biggest issue is going to be price. I'll be willing to drop between 3-450 on a headset if it's Functional. $500+ if the game support is universal.
It may seem strange, but the idea of a space-saving headset is actually a huge turn-on for me, and if this then transfers over into 3D content such as 3D movies and such, I'm even more in. I like the idea of not having to dedicate one end of a room to a big screen TV if I can avoid it in my small apartment. "flat land" can be saved for group viewing and communal spaces. Goggle me in!

I'm possibly interested. But like the oculus I'd need to actually try one before I ever bought one. And games games games. If this thing costs more than $100 it must have a significant amount of games on it, or it must be mind blowing to actually use. I'm just not dropping $300, let alone $500 for something thats only kind of cool like 3d is.

.... seriously they should just call the guys behind occulus rift and make some kind of PS4-occulus rift deal.

As long as it's optional, then I'm cool with it. As someone who won't really be able to make use of this (motion sickness, headaches and the like will result from things like this for me.) it looks really awesome, my brothers will enjoy it, I know that for sure.

I would really like the audience to be able to focus on a single VR device for now as its still something that needs to be proven a successful business (people are interested in and its profitable). Only after that we will start to see games other then indies to make their games with VR in mind or even just compatible.

If everyone starts throwing their exclusive VR to the costumers and they dont like it (for now only Occulus Rift seems to be doing VR gogles right) then they wont be interested in VR.

.... seriously they should just call the guys behind occulus rift and make some kind of PS4-occulus rift deal.

Yeah, that's what I'd want. I will be getting a rift and to have to buy a second one for the ps4 irks me something fierce unless they support it the same way the occulus rift is getting support.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happy they're doing this at all. But the occulus rift is already proving itself and we know it comes in at $300 for developers right now. If Sony can produce something that is equivalent or better at the same price or lower, then I'd be all ears. Hopefully programming for it would be relatively simple to port to the rift as well.

Interesting news. I didn't know the PS4 could plan anything.


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