Movie Defense Force: Repo! The Genetic Opera

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My one problem with this movie.


This needed defending?

*gets hit by an oil drum filled with yogurt*


Did anyone ever see the other movie the Director (and about half the cast) of this movie did? The Devil's Carnival? Cause that was, while probably not as memorable, just as good, and the song "Penny for a Tale" is one of my all time favorites.

It's because the fanbase for Repo that I first found The Devil's Carnival. It's a great movie. Though I'll agree it's not as memorable, it's excelent non the less. I can't wait for the sequal.

My sister told us about this movie many a time, I mentally wrote it off as b-horror shlock I wouldn't be interested in.

Then one day, she was over and I hear singing from the living room. I come out and ask what she's watching- she says Repo. I am stunned, because she never mentioned it was a musical. I watched it. I kinda liked it- I don't usually care for this kind of modern goth-ish stuff, but some of the songs were great- and the Graverobber really did need more screen time.

This is actually a movie I REALLY want to see but I didn't learn how much I would love it until after it was off netflix so I never got the chance and unfortunately I cannot afford to purchase it.

Still though, I did see The Devil's Carnival, another movie that was made by the guys that made Repo! and it was simply glorious and I adore the music.

If I ever get the chance I'm going to watch this one though.

It's impossible for this song to not be incredibly awesome.

I would also like to say that if you don't like it while watching, at the least, you can take joy in seeing Paris Hilton's face falling off.

I remember seeing a early preview for this before it came out and i was just stunned. It was late at night and i was watching it on my computer on youtube trying not to wake anyone so i had the sound off. I couldn't make out what was being said but the visuals were gorgeous. It looked like the kind of world i've always wanted to exist in(being a goth myself).

Sadly when the movie came out i was unable to partake in it. As soon as i found out it was a musical my heart sank. You see for some reason, musicals drive me to an irrational rage i find difficult to control. I do not honestly know why. Just something about people spontaneously breaking into song makes me see red. Was the same reason i was denied being able to go see Sweeny Todd. And i love revenge stories. And i love the concept behind Repo. I just cant watch it. But it is beautiful.

The only time I heard about this one was when I read something about a "rip-off" allegation related to "Repo-men"(which I quite liked). But when I saw "Opera" in the title I thought "ok... musical, nope" and never cared about it.

Repo needed defense ? Never heard anyone ever say it was bad, the trouble is mostly that it is a niche movie, so not well known.

That's exactly what Jim said right at the beginning of the video, that this one is just for the sake of it, not because it needed to be defended.

I never realised that the movie was considered bad enough to need defending.. everyone i know likes it

Repo is awesome, tis audiencei s awesome and no i dont sod off but ill let you talk about awesome film. becuase this film IS awesome.

though its scaringly disturbing how you know exactly what im going to post.

And MovieBob kicks himself for not putting this one into Schlocktober.

i caught this late one night one of those 3am movies you catch by accident and i was shocked. its my singl;e favourite rock opera :D

anthony head has an incredible voice i remember being so suprised in the musical ep of buffy how good he was

The music in it was great (Well, some of it was hit or miss), but there wasn't nearly enough Anthony Stewart Head, and way too much Alexa Vega. If the movie had just been an hour of a half of Giles being all dark and conflicted about killing fools, I'd have been happy.

Repo Men with Jude Law was really good though.

When Jim released the first episode with the full MDF animation (including the critic with a bonfire) I was curious to know why he chose Repo to be on the bonfire. I've listened to the songs and I'm impressed by the songs alone (excluding '17' of course). Its left me annoyed that in the UK I can't get hold of one of the newer ones made by a selection of the same team.

The premise of organ repo is idiotic. Sure SciFi has usually an idiotic premise, but if it does not surround that premise with something resembling believebility, it's just stupid. Also all the Characters are unlikable or despicable and only ONE! cast member can actually sing (sure, he is awesome, but he gets killed of before the movie is over so there is still movie left without him at least giving an entertaining performance, even if his character is just plain shit)

Repo! has a lot going for it, but it really bungles up the exposition with the pointless comic book vignettes that just basically repeat the same exposition found in the songs, and while it has a great start, once it shifts focus away from Shilo and her father and onto the vapid and uninteresting rich folks and their family drama, it really loses its momentum and limps to the finish. That said, I had a lot of fun for the first half hour or so, crappy exposition be damned.

I think I see Jim's point on this one. Not a film that needs defending but a film where you have to talk people into giving it a chance. I had heard good things about the film but always managed to put off watching it because I'm not exactly a big fan of musicals.

But then one kind of slow night at a sci-fi convention I decided I'm not busy lets give a showing of it a chance. Wow, couldn't believe I had let that one slip under the radar for so long.

Wouldn't mind seeing Jim do a few more films that only needed more exposure.

Nope... no defending this. Musical = indefensible.
If you TRULY need more illustration to its in defensibility... Paris Hilton... as a psuedo-Goth.

I will stick with 2010s Repo men as it accomplishes basically the same narrative hook, without all the excruciating fluff and not coated in low budget ghettosheen.It is a far better alternative without all the John Waters-esque campiness marinated in late 90s "industrial-dark" hijacked from the closest unattended Nine inch nails video. While "Repo men" is nothing spectacular, It never had any want or actual need to be defended and is able to stand on its own merits.

Metacritic for example shows both films have the same rating of 32. While Repo! is the type of cult hit that a very VERY niche audience will perpetuate and proliferate as a cult classic endlessly drudging this bloated corpse up from the floor of the murky depths, at least Repo men has the decency to be unremarkable and sink straight to the bottom to be quickly submergedand accepting its role to have been a basic popcorn munching time killer and quickly be buried under the silt and sediment of the passage of time forever to be a forgotten memory in the sea of consumed media content.

I tried watching this movie
when I realzed it was a musical I said "f*ck it" and watched Repo Man instead
maybe Repo Man is not as clever as Repo!
but you know what?
it isn't a f*cking musical! just for that Repo Man is a much better movie IMO

This is definitely one I am glad to see defended (by someone other than me)

Was the directing perfect? Not even close
That "Seventeen" song was shit? Absolutely
Deeply flawed film? No question

But it just had so much personality. I gotta love it on some level for just being something I haven't seen done 1000 times before

My sister is big into some of the movies he listed off (Rocky Horror Picture Show for one), as well as several other things in a similar note. So it was no surprise when she got the movie. She asked if I wanted to watch it to, and while I have absolutely no connection (or have ever bothered to see said movies), I said sure.

Musicals are not my "thing". But god did I love the movie for it's personality and style. There was enough familiarity in the movie with some of the more cliche choices, that I was able to just enjoy it.

And yes, that bloody little tune is catchy Jim. Now it's caught in my head. Again.

Just finished watching it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. Chase the Morning and the one music about little glass vials were absolutely stunning, but everything else was pretty bad. Who the hell decided to not make this entirely around the graverobber?

Funny story, because it used to be!
Back when this movie was a 15 minute operatic, he was the only one of three characters. So he had a much bigger part.

I actually liked the film, but it's fanbase seems very closely tied to the Rocky Horror fanbase (which I've grown to hate) so I don't think I could ever really get into it. Some of the exceptional high points of the movie for me were: The main character has a very Darth Vader-like vibe to him and Paris Hilton actually performs surprisingly well in her role.

Paris Hilton plays a celebrity obsessed heiress. She could not possibly have fucked that up.

i love everything about this movie, the characters, the music, the artstyle and the story. i cant believe it got so many bad reviews... i mean WTF?

and if you wanna see a really bad movie... watch the piece of shit that is RepoMen!

Just finished watching it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. Chase the Morning and the one music about little glass vials were absolutely stunning, but everything else was pretty bad. Who the hell decided to not make this entirely around the graverobber?

Well...ironically, it was the Graverobber who decided that. That guy (Terrance Zdunich) wrote, composed, produced, directed, and acted in Repo! throughout its various incarnations.

As for the music, that's fairly subjective. I liked most everything in it except for "Seventeen." Eventually, "Mark it Up" managed to grow on me for its bombastic idiocy.

I don't watch enough movies. This is one of the only ones being defended that I've actually seen.
I live in a bubble...

i've seen this movie exactly twice and one time i was at a party and kept getting interrupted and the other time i got to watch it uninterrupted as part of the stage crew for a shadow play of it. I really need to get it and just sit and watch it. i like the music though. the fandom is fun too.

Nope... no defending this. Musical = indefensible.

Your opinion = invalid

Did anyone ever see the other movie the Director (and about half the cast) of this movie did? The Devil's Carnival? Cause that was, while probably not as memorable, just as good, and the song "Penny for a Tale" is one of my all time favorites.

I think I'm one of the few fans of Repo! that is not that big a fan of The Devil's Carnival. Though "Penny for a Tale" is amazing. Not to say I didn't enjoy it but it's not as enjoyable as Repo! is for me.

I got introduced to this movie because of working Haunt. 2 years ago. I had a few friends sit me down and make me watch it. Been hooked on it ever since. It's definitely cult movie. And there is a LOT of Rocky Horror fans that love Repo! as well. I'm one of them. I made my parents watch this a few weeks ago. They were slightly confused but still got enjoyment out of it. Always nice to see a movie I'm a particular fan of get a good review from others.

And also, anyone who dismisses it because it's an opera (or labelled a musical) needs to get their heads out of their asses as there are good operas and musicals out there. Point in fact, one of my best friends hates musicals. Loves Repo! so dismissing it on those grounds is ridiculous.

btw why hasn't anyone posted Zydrate Anatomy in it's entirety?


Nope... no defending this. Musical = indefensible.

Your opinion = invalid

The opinion leading to the assessment of a conflicting opinions validity = Assumptively inappropriate.

That opinion is no more or less valid than any other. You might think the opinion is invalid. However that requires the justifying phrase "to you". None of us are the authority to judge the validity of the opinions of others. You would be more than welcome to offer up counter points and present an opposing argument why you think my opinion might be incorrect, but to phrase your rebuttal trying to throw my own verbiage back at me illustrates you are not merely expressing disagreeing opinion on the subject and rather responding as if your statement is to be taken as a point of fact instead of the opinion it is in expressing that assessment of validity.

Such a response accomplished nothing. Expressing the opinion that another opinion is not valid does not actually make it so. The only potential result is to generate animosity by glibly dismissing something you do not agree with and failing to resist the compulsion to proactively disrespect the ability of others to express their position. In taking the action to respond not with counter argument but judgement of invalidity such action is expression of proactive disrespect of the validity of the opinion of others that edges this toward little more than personal attack.

So I will state I feel your assessment is incorrect as it was made with no presented basis or evidence to support making such an assessment of invalidity. It is also in its purposely incendiary presentation inappropriate as personal attacks do nothing to generate discussion, effectively lowering the bar of discourse by reducing it to little more than petty bickering. That serves no beneficial purpose. You did not "prove" me wrong, or yourself right and in the process making the thread less pleasant for others to read and in turn less provoking to participate in. I do thank you for the consideration and taking the time to express your opinion on my statement. However I will not argue how more or less valid an opinion is than another.

Just seen it, based on this episode of MDF. I can definitely see why people are so polarized about it. It's a musical, it's on a subject that musicals rarely cover, it's got a slightly bizarre aesthetic, it's got some jarring tonal shifts. Granted, all of those are also reasons why I love it. Yes, there's a few rough edges (the "17" song was outright bad and I fast-forwarded through it), but in general it's a memorable and unique experience and I loved it. Not every movie has to cater to everyone...

So i just watched this movie, IT'S AWESOME!!!!

My main complaint about the movie is that it insists on using the word "genetic" without the slightest idea what it means.

It was also somewhat disappointing that, instead of going for full-on satire, they decided to use this ridiculous setting to tell a classic soap opera plot. (But then it does say "opera" right there in the title...)

Still fun to watch, though, if you can deal with the unique marriage of gore and pomposity. It's got style, it's got a few great songs and it's got Paris Hilton playing a parody of herself.

My one problem with this movie.


In the grim darkness of the near future, everyone is goth.

I tried it. I really did, but it came off to me as wasted potential. What was good about it? The story was alright- a little melodramatic for my taste, but alright. The performances were outstanding. The songs were fantastic. when the aesthetic worked, it worked very well. Good cinematography.

What was bad about it? The gothic and S&M aesthetic worked when it was used properly, but, unfortunately, it was used everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I'm sorry, but this utterly destroyed my verisimilitude. Yes, it's a good spectacle, but it's an empty spectacle. There is nothing I hate in a movie more than empty spectacle. The sound was also distracting with its cartoony Foley sounds. Another verisimilitude breaker. By the end of the movie, there was no verisimilitude left.

I'm sorry to all you Repo fans, but the movie does need defending. It's a B movie that embraces what it is and doesn't apologize for it. That's both its biggest strength and its biggest weakness. It pretends not to take itself seriously, but it actually does. It doesn't push hard enough in either direction to have gesamtkunstwerk, and that's its core problem.

And MovieBob kicks himself for not putting this one into Schlocktober.

Actually, one of the rare times I felt Bob just went 'full-on douche'.

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