Movie Defense Force: Repo! The Genetic Opera

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You know Jim, the actor for your favorite character in this movie is in fact a famous singer in his own right.


from IMDB: Nivek Ogre ... Pavi Largo (as Ogre)

Nivek Ogre has been making music in the industrial scene since the 80's as a founding member of the band Skinny Puppy.

(Even South Park knows who Skinny Puppy is)

He has also done work with many other famous bands such as KMFDM, who kicked tracks to both "Mortal Kombat" flicks, and Ministry. He even composed 2 tracks for "Descent II" the video game. He also plays "The Twin" in "The Devil's Carnival." Just a little sad that not a single person here either recognized the name or if they did, didn't bother to point that out.
(I was so sad I opened a account just to point this out)

" to industrial metal stars Nine Inch Nails, who opened for Skinny Puppy for a short time on their 1988 North American tour. Trent Reznor also acknowledged that Skinny Puppy's "Dig It" inspired the very first Nine Inch Nails track written that became the first hit song, "Down in It"."

In the end this is all just more reasons to love this movie.

If your intrested in him here is a pretty good recent song he did as Skinny Puppy.

Break Dancing Goths


I love Repo! This movie should have gotten more credit. Excellent review!

Rewatched it on Amazon Prime, free over there :)

My main complaint about the movie is that it insists on using the word "genetic" without the slightest idea what it means.

This and the comic book flashbacks being pointless* and immersion-breaking are the 2 big problems I had with the movie.


I'll just put this video here. Also, I love how it's not the classic idea of what an opera is. Opera is all about story telling through song with strong characters; Rent is an opera.

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