The Big Picture: Boy Blunder

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Is Beiber trying to bring back the '90s with those outfits?

For one shining moment, MovieBob, I thought you were going to reach for something profound. Then you trolled us, with the Sackhoff/Ms Marvel thing.

You stay classy there MovieBob....

Exaggeration or not, Katee Sackhoff as Ms/Captain Marvel is absolutely a golden idea, and one I desperately want, regardless of this Bieber nonsense. Even if that isn't happening at the moment, can't we just get that to happen? Because, really now. Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers. Could you drum up a better casting?

If anybody is going to play Robin, it should be Matt Damon.

I can't help but agree that Bieber isn't really worth the attention, and this is nonsense rumour is overblown. I think we have to acknowledge that the kid is just kinda awful, both in music and as a person by most accounts, but not worth the attention, and would suck as any Robin.

Especially Jason Todd. He's a badass, and like, one of my favourite DC characters. We say Bieber die that one time on CSI, and he wasn't very good at it then, I don't think he'd be better at it in tights.

That said, if they're going for a sort of contrast between Dark n' Gritty Nolan Batman, and something a touch more campy with Affleck Batman in this Bat VS Supes movie, I can't think of a better way to seamlessly show that contrast in-action than by involving Todd in some fashion.

Though I just like seeing the Rebel Robin in more stuff. He was excellent in Under the Red Hood (voiced by Jensen Ackles), and while Grayson contrasted Batman's serious side, Todd contrasted Bat's "pacifistic" side (Drake I haven't done much research on, nor the Batgirls and Damian) in a manner I find infinitely compelling...

...S'never gonna happen, so just lemme have this speculation window to vent.

Whatever. Personally I feel the makers of Batman vs Superman can do no wrong. My reasoning for this is because they've already proven to me with Man of Steel they can do nothing RIGHT with this franchise. No matter what ham-fist stupidity gets added to the next film it won't make one iota of difference to me. So they really might as well have actually cast Beiber as the boy Wonder.


Anyways, good job Bob on your non-bash, not caring attitude about that Justin Bieber news. I am guilty in following the Oscar movie prediction hype, but I least I like most of the things that come out from that. I don't waste my time complaining about things I don't care for.

This is the first I've heard of this and I really can't bring myself to care if it's real or not. Although it does seem like a real obvious troll.

The age of "Too Much Information". Who need the NSA when we have bloggers?

Yes we are definitely living in the Too Much Information Age.

I may be the only one who felt this way, but I still hadn't gotten sick of the "Buy! My! Book!" gag. I'm sad to see it go, even if it is a continuation of the original reference.

Never heard about this till just now and my reaction is....pfft. One, no way Robin would be introduced in Bats V Supes, and people that for one second thought he might are a little slow to put it nicely. Two, if by some ungodly Hollywood blunder he is introduced common, does anyone really think Biber would get the role? Im beginning to suspect when it comes to news reguarding superhero movies people latch on to any gossip as genuine news the second they hear it just so they have something to tweet about *rolls eyes*

Reguarding the "Shiny distraction"...Katie Sackoff would be a superb choice for Ms. Marvel. She certainly has the acting chops for it, not to mention she is a blond. However there is the question of her lets say physique. Ms Marvel is my favorite Marvel heroine, I've followed her closely, she's in the top teir powerwise in marvel and I love her personality, especially in the series where Kang and his son came damn close to ruling the earth. However having said that her "assets" as it where, front and back you know the ones im talking about people im just trying to be tactful, don't really match with Sackoff. I know that may seem a tad shallow my part but it still needed to be said. Besides that, she's never grown her hair down to her shoulder much less to Ms. Marvel levels. That and im not really seeing her face as compared to Carol Danvers. I still hope she does it, they can do Marvell's ;) with computer imaging these days.

I won't have a problem with Bieber playing Robin, just as long as he is Jason Todd and the film includes the Joker beating him to death with a crowbar.

I don't blame the portion of Batman fans that hate Robin. I blame the comics themselves for that. It took them far toolong to realize that Batman had gone into much more mature and dark territory compared to the 70's and 80's and robin hadn't matured with him.

Then when he did mature, all he did was serve as yet another reason for Batman to affirm that he needs to go it alone or as a plot device and liability to Batman. They really did a poor job fleshing him out as a standalone.

I dislike beiber, not to the level of some people on the internet.
But come on now....a beiber Robin can't be any worse than an Arnold freeze...
So everyone CHILL!

I'm surprised Bieber is still in the public sphere without involving a need for rehab.

Well, he did once pee in a mop bucket. He, like Lady gaga, knows how to use social media, especially Twitter, to attract attention with whatever they do or say. I believe it was Gene Simmons who said, "The only bad publicity is no publicity."

I'm so fucking sick of seeing 90% of Autumn film reviews/ news/ editorials being linked to 'Oscar prospects'. I saw a review of "12 years a slave" that mentioned Oscars, Oscar prospects, actor's Oscar prospects and even Oscar prospects related to other films in every paragraph.

This is damaging in many ways;

1. It makes the awards seem more important than the films
2. It turns the Autumn 'serious film' season into a horse race
3. It feeds into the myth that all of these serious movies are created directly as nothing more than 'Oscar bait' (granted we do get some blatant bait), rather than just being released in a favorable window.
4. It perpetuates the myth the Oscars actually mean something
5. It increases the power of an award based on the whims of a very narrow-minded voting pool and the active campaigning of studios/ producers in a destructive process that further undermines the variety, quality and bravery of the entire film industry.


I'm surprised Bieber is still in the public sphere without involving a need for rehab.

Well, he did once pee in a mop bucket. He, like Lady gaga, knows how to use social media, especially Twitter, to attract attention with whatever they do or say. I believe it was Gene Simmons who said, "The only bad publicity is no publicity."

And this is why I stay away from Twitter and make an active effort to not pay any attention to pop culture. That and the bad music.

I'm fairly certain Justin Beiber would have acting skills comparable to Paris Hilton. Besides, he's too far down the "celebrity-needs-attention" path to be able to work on a movie for anything longer than 5 minutes.

Any who, how about moving the Big Picture to a more exciting topic. The last few episodes have been rather stale with what "could" happen. Why not talk about the worst movie ever made? If Bob watches Mystery Science Theater 3000 alot, he would know what Coleman Francis movie I'm talking about.

Huh, I wasn't even aware of that rumour... still, it does seem silly and implausible enough to be pure publicity stunt.

I remember when Megan Fox was rumored to be in the running for the role of Catwoman.

I called it back then, it was more than likely just a stunt floated by her or someone who would profit off of her to get public reaction and/or to rally fan support to get the actor into the role.

That said, I can't recall a time when that sort of thing actually worked, which is why, despite the fact that I think Bieber is a little turdblossom, I can't get too worked up about it. It just ain't. gon. happen.

Of course this sort of thing is not nearly as creepy as Sean Young rallying for the role of Catwoman in the 90's, but saying that just makes me sound old.

I really want for this little bastard to just crash and burn and become another pitiful excuse of a statistic the music industry churns out at a ludicrous pace. he is a complete scumbag

Actually, I could see Bieber as a young Jason Todd...

Wait, who is Jason To-

OT: Actually a news channel that needs to post anything that resembles news is the reason why I began hating G4, and they weren't really a news channel to begin with!

I still say that DC should let Marvel have the big screen, they have proven that they can make good movies on different superheroes. While yes it is more money, let me ask you guys this...

When was the last good Marvel hero based TV show, and when was the last good DC one?

Whatever they end up doing, you can bet without a doubt that the internet is going to hate it. Because these characters have meant so many different things, to so many different people that actually going out with the express purpose of trying to make a film which pleases everyone will in fact result in a horrid, abortive schizophrenic mess.

Ironically, MovieBob's video is the first I've heard of this.

I was pretty sure beiber getting in the movie was bull shit.

Pretty sure. It is right? Could robin be done right? Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I have no idea. I don't feel every super hero has to be dark,

it just so happens to work for bat man,
I'm curious to see how the potter thing goes.

I don't know why so many fans get down on Robin. It gives Batman an actual connection outside of Alfred. Even fucking crazy ass "Batman opens free market gotham" Frank Miller had a robin right next to Batman. It's the classic double to any great misanthrope detective. Sherlock Holmes gets Watson, Hercule Poirot gets Hastings, and Batman gets Robin. It's not a bad idea, it lets you get a perspective from two sides.

When done right.

When done wrong: Jason Todd. Even his new evil persona doesn't make sense in context. Most of the Robins are pretty well liked by the fans, there's been exactly one who was truly hated. I don't know who these guys are who hate on him so.

Why'd you have to shoot it? All it said was BUY MY BOOK!

About a minute into the video, it occured to me: "If moviebob doesn't care about this topic, and I don't care about this topic, for me to watch the other 3/4 of this video would be the most pointless thing imaginable." And so I closed the tab.

And now I'm coming back here to the comments section a few days later because I wanna wonder out loud: Did MovieBob really have to make this video? Like, out of some general sense of obligation to the internet's version of the dumb celebrity gossip mill?

Iīm not even sure Bieber would be particularily terrible in a movie like this, for all we know he could be an amazing actor just as likely as he could be completely awful. Since we havenīt seen him in any major roles itīs kinda hard to predict, like, who would have thought that Justin Timberlake should turn out to be a good and likeable actor? Or how about Zac Effron, a guy who was mostly known for being in those awful teen muscials but who actually did a very decent job in Orson Welles and Me.

I donīt have an opinion on Biebers acting skills (as much as i hate his music), until heīs done some actual acting.

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