Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Party Games

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Happy almost birthday, Lisa! If Mario Party wasn't on this list, I would have eaten my hat. I still play the Rock Band games from time to time, and Mario Kart 64 was one of my favorites from that era. I have to look if I still have any Mario Party games. But still, a great list as always.

If you meant this Sunday, then Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Loved the party game list, one of your funniest ever :)

Kevin acted his heart out, that little guy sure gives it his all!


Super Smash Bros.?

How about Halo 3? That used to be a prereq to any freaking party you went to.

And I can't believe all of you. Mario Party is the devil incarnate. Has been since its first bloody game.

I'm always very disappointed by her lists it seems. Sorry, Lisa, know it's your B-Day but it's the truth.

I guess you have to have a party or friends to play these games.. :(

hah - j/k


I loved you don't know Jack... I suck at MArio Kart!

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