EXP: ScrewAttack's DEATH BATTLE! Pikachu vs Blanka

ScrewAttack's DEATH BATTLE! Pikachu vs Blanka

Pokemon VS Street Fighter! A bestial battle of electric power! Can the quick-footed mouse take down the ferocious man-beast of Brazil?

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I saw this out coming a mile off, still not the one I wanted tho XD

love that ending XD

and ... the next one is probably gonna piss some people off that haven't seen it.

Superman and Goku? Really?

It's like a fight between dumb, and dumber.

That being said, the anti climatic ending to this fight had me laughing.

I... actually agree with this one. Huh.

This one is one of the better fights since you can argue about powers and abilities but when you come down to it, one is a small furry animal and the other is a werewolf/gorilla-like beast.

Please don't let Superman win, he's such a lazily designed and written character... It's so boring.

Love that fight. The ending was my favorite part.

Next time: FANBOY RAGE!!

shame that pickachu has kinda become the face of pokemon. yeah he's cute but as pokemon go he's kinda one of the weakest. to represent pokemon i'd rather see like blastoise or gyrados or something that's actually cool. of course that was before we had umpteen million pokemon half of which look like refried assholes.

the goku superman thing always makes me laugh. superman is space jesus sure but dbz they've been strong enough to destroy a whole planet for recreation since the sayin saga as a super sayin he's got WAY TOO much juice for superman to hold his own. yeah superman can push planets around when he wants to but his powers aren't crack the planet in half strong. goku is.

I find it surprising that a number of the people commenting here apparently haven't seen the infamous Superman vs Goku video yet...ohhhhhhh it's going to be a fun comment section to read after that one. >:D

As for this one...anyone get the feeling that it was basically just a re-skin of Raiden vs Thor?

awesome, Blanka's Fatality *thumbs up*


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