Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review - Episode 1: Pilot

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I like the idea of the series. I'm a bit concerned that the budget may crush the series like they've done to some great titles lately. I'm happy to have a series to replace my much enjoyed Alphas' absence.

We'll have to see, as a pilot you can't take much away.

Silent Protagonist:
I worry that him being head Cool Badass Superspy Agent of Team Cool Badass Superspy Agents might ruin the "ordinary" quality that Agent Coulson has that makes him, ironically, extraordinary in this universe.

Yeah, this.

Coulson was great because he was a pillar of calm certainty when everything else was wacky. He felt like an agent who had been around awhile, one who was as used to manning a desk as being in the field. It's his tolerance (or fan-boy) nature that helped him cope. By giving him punch lines instead of an appreciation of punch lines, they are changing his character. He may survive that, and I may still like it, but it's going to take time to rewrite him in my brain.

And the effect for the hovercar was pretty lame.




The twin tech geeks (I know they aren't related, but they have the same skin and hair and accents they might as well be) at least were entertaining enough to hold them up for a whole scene

Not the same accents. The guy's is Scottish, the girl's is English. Similar, but not the same.

Ah, my mistake. I was too busy wondering why they aren't the main characters instead of boring lone wolf guy with lone wolf pains.

Anyways, yeah it does remind me of torchwood. And Warehouse 13, and Alphas, and Eureka, and Sanctuary, and Fringe and..I guess the new show "The Tomorrow People" that's coming out soon.

damn theres a lot of shows about teams of undercover people dealing with weird tech/magic stuff.

I really hope it finds a way to stand out from the crowd outside of "HEY WERE CONNECTED TO SOME MOVIES", because if it didn't have that connection it wouldn't have been any good.

Really? Because taken on its own it still has major production-value, scenes that are funny as hell and good characters.

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