Movie Defense Force: Jason X

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I've only actually seen part of this movie, but I really have to disagree. The whole movie is so obvious and formulaic that I found it so boring I fell asleep. There are only so many times one can watch the same thing and have it still hold your interest.

You skipped over Peter Mensah, he was the best thing in that movie, outside of the cybernetic super soldier/fuckdoll.

Well the thing is that Jason X had a number of surprisingly good people in it who wound up going places, typically series where their ability to camp it up was an advantage. The "fuckdoll" as you put it was none other than Lisa Ryder who want on to do Andromeda as Beka Valentine (pretty much Han Solo as a girl), the "other" girl in this was none other than Lexa Doig who also went onto Andromeda. Their roles in Andromeda were reversed though where Lisa played the "bad girl" and Lexa was playing the sexy robot... and they helped carry that show for 5 years. Peter Mensah later on went to do "Spartacus" and he does tend to know how to steal a scene. albeit if I remember he had pretensions of being a "serious actor" and while he did okay, to be honest if it wasn't for Spartacus I'd probably be sitting here going "who?"... going back to the campy stuff was probably a good move.

Jason X is an absolute blast and I fucking love the film. It's so stupid and fun and silly... I can't hate this film at all. It truly is not bad, it's not poorly paced, it's not TERRIBLY acted, it's got some seriously cool over the top violence and sheer absurdity that it seems to be enthusiastic about.

The movie seems to be having fun so I have fun watching it.

There are actually people who don't love this film? I am shocked.

C'mon, man, if you don't laugh until your head falls off at the "happy campers" scene, I don't know what species you are. Not human, that's for certain.

Thank you for ending with one of the funniest scenes I have ever seen in a movie. Jason killing holodeck women with the sleeping bags has to be his best kill.

You hit the nail on the head, this movie was fun. I am all for "serious" horror, but somethings were just meant to be fun(and funny).

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