The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2013: Puppet Master

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Bob, October has always been one of my favorite months with the good, and the holidays and all that good stuff...but seriously, Schlocktober has just made it even better. I always look forward to these episodes. Here's to another great month of movies.

i think i saw one of them. but that has to be ages ago. not sure i would care to get them all. maybe if i would see them at my rental store, i might get them.

Oh, Full moon. Please tell me Bob is coming around to the Subspecies series! just tell me!

Thank god for Schlocktober, the Escapist has been getting far too serious recently.

I never saw Schloktober my thing as I'm not too fond of scary movies.

But still I find it great to watch these episodes as I still think I get some small amount of "common" knowledge from this, like now I know what Puppet Master is and a bit of its history.

What amazes me about a series like this is that the German military would concern themselves so obsessively with a single little puppet show, albeit with sapient puppets, to the total disregard of 50,000 B-17s bearing down on German cities with two million pounds of TNT and white phosphorus. It was nice of the film makers to help keep things in proportion. Really, what's the piddling power of the combined British and American air forces compared to the awesome might of a handful of animated toys? I guess a strategic bomber can't jump out of the cupboard and go BOO! It can just reduce your entire existence to stone age rubble. But, what's the horror in that?

I hate Schlocktober, please stop. You have a whole other show dedicated to movies. Do you really need to do this for a whole month? Whatever, I just won't watch.

Man, I've always loved the Puppet Master movies. I even have a soft spot for Retro Puppet Master for being the last to feature the star of 3-5. I found a terrible DVD collection of the first 9 movies for a few dollars this year and had to snatch it up. I could have tried to find a higher quality collection, but a terrible collection just fits Full Moon movies better.

Now let's give Dollman his own picture. That was a great bad movie. Too bad it never took off. Hey, the guy from Dollman is still around, never too late to revive a franchise.

Wow theses look like fun movies for a weekend. Might check them out later.

So I found the first 9 of these minus the spinoff ones in one package in the $5 bin at the grocery store the other day....looking forward to having time to watch them.

would you look at that the AMC channel is playing it at 3:00Am today

If anyone is interested. I found a set that had 9 Puppet Master movies (only missing the Demonic Toys one that was declared non-canon anyways) at Best Buy for 5 bucks.

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