Escapist Expo: Why You Should Hate SimCity And Other Games That Ruined Your Life

Why You Should Hate SimCity And Other Games That Ruined Your Life

Reticulating splines failing to reticulate? Spending real money in an auction house only to watch the gear be patch nerfed a week later? Join us for a discussion about the games we wanted to love, but now love to hate, in this ultimate bitch fest show down between the forces of good (the consumer) and the forces of evil (game producers who have done us dirty.)

Randy Greenback
Jim Sterling
Janelle Bonanno
Bob Chipman
Josh Fairhurst

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This is the first one of these I watched and I really liked it!
Janelle was an awesome host and did a really good job of keeping the panel going!

That was a nice one.
Now where's that damn hour of love?

Sometimes I think I may be in love with Jim Sterling. One of the very few people I see who are brutally honest when it comes to discussing bad practices in the industries and being willing to call out the lies that get fed to gamers, such as always online being a developers idea.

This was a great panel as Weaver said, Janelle did a great job of keeping things going and like with the Game of the Year panel, it's nice to hear what the people who work in the industry feel about it from a gamers perspective.

That was some good bitching.

EDIT: LOL, my captcha was "describe this brand" and showed a apple logo. I put in "shit" and it accepted it. XD

I blame every problem that this industry is currently facing on the Publishers.

That was a nice one.
Now where's that damn hour of love?

That's what I was wondering.

Love the rant about the SimCity water table bugs, that's actually why I stopped playing the game, not the Always-Online or anything, it was the damned screwy water.

Also I agree with Jim's statement about how free-to-play should be handled. I've spent $50 on storage and new characters in Marvel Heroes because I spent roughly 50 hrs playing the game and I personally felt they had earned a dollar for each hour I had played. I did the same thing with Planetside 2 and Dungeons and Dragons Online. If they provide a game that I enjoy I will want to support their efforts to continue providing me with more of the same.

It is fascinating to see a level headed discussion on the flaws in this industry with two actual developers alongside people like Jim and Bob. I have to agree with pretty much all the points raised, especially in regards to the drm and always online bullshit publishers are pulling these days.


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