EXP: ScrewAttack's Worst EVER! Water Level

ScrewAttack's Worst EVER! Water Level

Summer is winding down, so while we've still got some time, we're looking at the worst water worlds EVER!

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I agree with Nick, Fuck that Ninja Turtles water level! Fuck that entire game!

Oh fuck I hated that dam level from that Ninja Turtles game. Funny thing is I don't remember the timer being that much of an issue or the obstacles being that difficult to avoid. No, what made it hell was that long narrow corridor full of that electric seaweed. That was nearly impossible to get through. I think I made it through that level ONCE.

I just knew that fucking Ninja Turtle level had to be here... It still stirs up feelings of a powerless, angry child. It was the first time in my life I truly felt ire.

My least favorite water based level has to be Jabu-Jabu's Belly in Zelda: Oracle of Ages, not the Ocarina of Time one mind you. It's confusing, frustrating, it involves water levels similar to the infamous Water Temple, only a lot more difficult to navigate. I hate that dungeon so much.

never pass the dam in tmnt but i was young an have not play since ...... dam now i have to see if i can do it now...


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