Escapist News Now: Sony Can Monitor All PSN Activity

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Me thinks that that the reaction to these news would be radically different, had this been the Xbox One instead of PS4...

Riff Moonraker:
Isnt this one of the things everyone was going sooooo berserk with Microsoft about????

Hmmm, there are any number of M$ issues people blew up about. To my knowledge there wasn't a thing about them keeping track of xbox Live actions.

There was the thing about them turning over skype info to the gov. And of course the required Kinnect scandal on the xbone.

But those are different things. Skype is sort of like email. You can think of it as private because its only going to those people you send it to. PSN or Live messages aren't like email though. They are more like ebay messages. They are messages sent on a private system that everyone should be aware can be read by the company.

And kinect is whole different thing. Its a camera and mic that does facial recognition and monitors mood. And originally it was going to be required and always on for everyone even people not online. Having a camera watching me all the time is WAY different from a company record what I say or text while playing online. My home is private, what I say in public isn't.

And frankly gamers have proven they cannot be trusted to be anonymous. I barely play online and I've received racial slurs and threats. And not just something people have yelled during a match. People have actually texted them to me too. Not to mention the insane threats people send game devs because they change weapons or something in a game. I'm more than happy to have records of such things so those people can be banned.

often this type of thing bothers me but in the case of the ps4 they won't be gaining anything they didn't already know about me. I'll only use ps4 for gaming if i want to surf the net or whatever I'll be using my pc.

As for the software being licensed not sold, that's been standard for a long time. If the research I did for my dissertation on copywrite law is anything to go buy, not wording it this way would technically(at least in some countries) oblige sony or 3rd parties to replace games that stop working for eg if they are too scratched to be read or providing you keep your proof of purchase, even if the disk is lost. Although that has probably been updated now as it was a semantic loophole leftover from the 50's music industry law. Even if it hasn't it would now be viewed like one of those weird laws about shooting Irishmen on Wednesdays.

This seems less like them doing something evil and more likely to be used for moderation and protecting the consumer. Both are things I would call good things. Sure, this could also open it up for Big Brother policies or selling your data to advertisers, but nothing indicates that at this moment. The main reason I don't extend this same defense to Microsoft is that they basically stated they can and will sell your data to advertisers.

Pretty much my opinion on the whole thing. I don't mind that they look at my PSN info, but I want the right to play offline and to not have my info sold to advertisers.

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