Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

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This is showing as a 70 on Metacritic. Killer Instinct got a 3.5 on this site too and its an 80 on Metacritic.

Edit: I emailed them. Looks like they changed both to 70 now.

I really liked the game so far (about 3/4 done I'm assuming. My main issue is the trying to find stuff. I'm glad it doesn't just shove stuff in your face like COD or Halo. It's neat to explore around some. However, the one marker that give you blends in and is sometimes hard to see against the amazing scenery. that and...


Yay Jim reviewed the new Killzone. Sad at dtoid not having Jim there for the review. I finally made an escapist account so I can comment on Jim articles now ha. This game sounds like more good killzone fun with slight changes. I'm up for that once I finally get a PS4 a couple years from now. Ew though, really am not looking forward to hearing helghast with american voices.

Welcome to the Escapist! :)

OT: I never got around to picking up Killzone 3 and I still don't know if it's worth it or not. But I did enjoy the look and feel of the previous Killzone games. Good to see Guerilla having a decent kick-off. Might pick this up when I eventually get a PS4.

Also: good review, Jim. Nice to have you here.

Thanks for the welcome. Killzone 3 had a fun singleplayer, but be prepared the story has some awfuly stupid moments in it. At least they tame Rico a bit and he's not quite as annoying. Multiplayer is fun, fixed a few problems from Killzone 2. Still bothers me that there is no spawn invincibility though. Getting spawn trapped happens way to often and it's been a problem since they patched Killone 2 and took out the second or two spawn invincibility. Think they really need to bring that back.

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