Unskippable: Dead Rising

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Good work picking up on the fact that ppl always take ages to twig that the problem is zombies...

This one was Ok but Eternal Sonata and Lost Planet were better.

I really enjoy this series. It gives me a good laugh when I desperately am in need of one.

"Did you come by helicopter? Seeing as you just jumped out of one."

Is it just me, or does Sim City of the Dead! sound like an amazing game?

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Maybe I'm just comparing it to last week's (which was awesome), but I wasn't too impressed with this one. I did like the Sims reference, though.

Great episode, some really nice witty comments. I can actually see a "Zombie Sim city" game.

Is it just me, or does Sim City of the Dead! sound like an amazing game?

I'd so buy that game.

"Land? On a helipad?" Excellent, very funny, I think everyone mocks the cutscenes when they're bored.

hehe, yeah, the dialog and cutscenes for Dead Rising are pretty poor!

Still, very good vid!

I found it way less funny than Eternal Sonata and Lost Planet. I prefered the pacing of the previous one.

Nice clipping between the headset and the hat, by the way.

All in all, a solid effort guys. IMO, not as good as the previous two but you've drawn me in. Keep up the good work and I'll keep checking back.

Better then last week but still only a few jokes made me laugh.
"You gotta be kidding me! Land? On a helipad?!" that was going through my headat that exact moment as they said that =)

Glad to see all cutscenes won't be as lengthy as ES. Loved the Apocalypse Now reference. However, I kept waiting for them to say something about how his earmuffs went THROUGH his fedora, because that image alone kept making me laugh.


nice one xD

"Frank West, Action Photographer!"
Absolutely brilliant, once again.
And this time it was a game i've actually played.

And my God! How could you openly expose the Zombie weakness to smooth chests?
Now eveyone will be shaving themselves when the eventual zombie horde comes...
And it will be strangely erotic.

We cut out the playable portion between those two scenes because it's nearly six minutes long, and while we had some good jokes for it, it would have dragged longer than the Eternal Sonata scene!

Also, the hat is a bonus item that I couldn't remove. So, it'd be kind of weird to make fun of them for something that's really only an extra.

Thanks for all the feedback though! We're always trying to get better, so we'll take all your suggestions.

I don't remember him wearing a fedora. Was that new??

But anyway Sim City of the Dead sounds awesome.

it wasn't a fedora, he dons a pork pie.

i was surprised that they haven't made a reference to the brim-hs clipping issues. ->scratch this, just noticed Grahams post above...^^

This was a great episode ! Masterfully Crafted !

No 'My name is Inigo Montoya...'?

I liked it, it had better jokes than last week and wasn't as long.

"You came by helicopter?"
"i just guessed because you jumped out of one"

fnar fnar fnar

oh how that made me laugh.Keep 'em comin'.

Too short, really. It felt like it was just getting started when it ended. Although "Land? On a helipad?" and "Whee..omygoditsfurtherthanIthought.." did crack me up.

It had its funny parts, but I just don't think it was as good as the Eternal Sonata episode. I laughed quietly to myself at many points, but no laugh-out-loud parts. Stil, I will definitely tune in for future episodes.


Is it just me, or does Sim City of the Dead! sound like an amazing game?

I'd so buy that game.

Wow. We're 50 posts in, and I have time to register and be the first to post that this game already exists? :)
Anyway it's called Afterlife and it's basically a Simcity 2000 clone. It's not too bad of a game, certainly entertained me for a while.

And the episode was quite good, keep up the good work. I still miss the old magazine layout though, but ZP and now Unskippable make up for it. Also not one comment about the extraplanar fedora using the 5th dimension to stay in shape in spite of the headphones?

distinguishing qualities jack shit and shit just left town hahhaha great.

not thats not the army they have a "we're not the army sign" its underlined just as great

I don't remember him wearing a fedora. Was that new??

But anyway Sim City of the Dead sounds awesome.

When you beat the game and replay it you can start with whatever clothes you were wearing.

It made me laugh, but it wasn't as good as the Eternal Sonata one. You should try Lost Planet. That has some good "I'm begging to be made fun" cutscenes in it. You should also think of expanding your horizons to include some gameplay sequences. Or you could just do an entire month of MGS4. God knows how many times that's been said.

I did enjoy both of them, and I would like to see more. I wish to help, I am good at making smart-alecky remarks.

You guys have got a funny show! Quite reminiscent of MST3K, but all things considered that's a very high compliment. Keep em rolling!

Apocolypse Now reference....oh so classic.

i was not waiting for this, but is is better than the last one.

Keep up the great work!!!

Awesome work. I felt a little bit let down, considering it wasn't as long as the Eternal Sonata one, but the humor really helped make up for it.

It was funny I really appreciated it. It reminds me of Paul's Gaming and if you haven't seen that I suggest you move yourself over to youtube and watch it.

I wish they did the scene where the old lady pushes two guys outta the way to save her dog, and lets all the zombies into the mall. Course, that scene was funny without commentary.

Anyways, really liked this one, better than Eternal Sonata. Dragged a lot less.

you know they never explain what's in the case Frank loses in the helicopter. Now I know, it's his sandwich.

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