Escapist News Now: Xbox One Users Banned For Swearing

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In unrelated news, older cod fans rejoice at the sudden absence of prepubescent players.

Wait all that swearing was from 12 year old boys? It's been happening so often and for so long, I thought COD just had terrible voice acting.

Kumagawa Misogi:


You do realise they are banning people for 1 to 1 Skype calls as well right? something they should not even be monitoring anyway.

As has been pointed out and reported both in the video and elsewhere, those claims have not been corroborated and the rumour has been flatly denied by Microsoft. The confusion probably stems from MS's blanket ban also covering use of voice chat - Ridiculous to be sure and quite likely to be the unintended result of the interrelatedness of all the services involved. I'd look to stuff like this being smoothed out in the coming weeks/months as launch day furor calms down.

Remember when books, movies and music had to blanket censor all their content, banning every person who made a book, movie or song with adult language or themes, to be accessible to the 10-and-under crowd in order to be accepted as a medium?

Oh... wait. They didn't. Because that would have been fucking retarded.

Actually, for a while there movies in the US were subject to a raft of inane restrictions that effectively prevented film makers from making movies that conatained any content unsuitable for viewing by children.

It was called the Hays Code, but that was way back in the 1930s. Although you were right about it being fucking retarded.

I'm all for censoring hate speech, but not profanity. People that take offense at "rude words" are the ones with the problem - not the people saying them. But I'm all for Microsoft not letting people to use their platform as a means of broadcasting hatred.

Is upload studio owned by Microsoft? To go from the least mediated community that was so filled with intolerance and bile to one where you're not allowed to curse is a rather polar switch, and is probably going to make some people think that they want to start the revolution.

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