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When I saw the naked Sheppard I thought "yup typical fan fic", but that was possibly one of the best things related to Mass Effect I have ever read, and legitimately gave me goosebumps. If anything even remotely this moving was in ME3, I would have never been angry at the end of the game.

Thank you for bring this comic into my life

(Claps) Well done, you two!

The feels we get here are just... Ow...

I don't want to come off as ungrateful but the writing style is comparable to shoujo manga :0
Still I'm gonna save it to my hard drive >:3

...A fanfiction with sex? And I didn't hate it? The Internet has had a good day today.

I haven't played any of the Mass Effect games but I grokked that she was FemShep, dunno who the guy was but it didn't matter.

Very nice, Grey. That was very nice. Truly poignant. ^_^


THANK YOU! Thank you for this!! :')

I opened this having no idea what it was going to be, I just recognized the art. Then I saw the ME themes, and so much was said with each panel without even a word. Definitely moving and thought provoking, very well done!

I did not care for this Mass Effect fan fiction stuff. It appears a lot of others liked it, but I hope we don't see more of it.

See I can't help but feel I would have been more interested had it been Femshepard and Liara. It also might have been more interesting if I cared at all for Thane as a character. Then again that could be said of most of the characters added in ME2 and 3 save for maybe Legion. IN FACT... this would only have been interesting if Legion was the one romancing femshep.

This was really good. Like, REALLY good. But I may be biased.

I played ME2 four times, each with a different pairing. NONE of them had the depth of emotional connection that Thane's did. It was the only relationship pursuit that didn't feel like a sprint to the goal line of "OMG SEX." His was the relationship I carried into my only playthrough of ME3, and those scenes were so powerful as a result. I later discovered heard that they were largely unchanged if you didn't romance him, which (among other things) prevented me from ever wanting to play the game again.

so maybe you cheated a bit in using the best relationship. Maybe I'm biased because I genuinely loved Thane's character. Regardless of that, your comic felt real and meaningful in a way that very few points in the game did. And that's something to be damned proud of.

Dorothy Shepard really showed how sexy scars are, especially with that red hair. A drell can get a woman but I can't, foreveralone.

I don't get it
There are no polygons, then how can there be emotions?
Grey, did you rendered this comic on Frostbite or Cryengine?
Because there must be polygons, simply must.
And a lot of them.

P.S. Although must admit Door had more polygons ;)

Gah! Stop reminding me of the other emotions- I mean, ploygo- I mean, emotions! Are you trying to make me miserable?!

The Wooster:

Woah woah woah, "another"? Somewhere in the Escapist there's a second one of these? I desperately need a link

Here you go.

Not you, too!

PS: Also, I've thought of a dedication: "That was for Thane, you son of a bitch!"

Tono Makt:

Product Placement:
I'm trying to figure out where this story fits in to the main storyline. I'm guessing it takes place on the citadel but they encounter a ruined diner during their date. Now, this can't be taking place after the second citadel attack, since...

So I'm left to guess that this is damage left from the first attack, from the ending of the first game, but Anderson tells you that the Citadel is nearly restored, when you first meet him in ME2.

It could be any day between when you first meet him in Huerta Memorial and when get to the spoiler tag time.

By then, enough time has passed that the Citadel would have fully recovered from the first attack. It doesn't fly in my logic center. As I said, Anderson comments on how quick the repairs have been to the citadel. He even specifically points out that the main commerce districts and population centers were already fully repaired. Then we have to account at least 6 more months of repair time, between the events of the Arrival DLC and the beginning of ME3.

Even if they hadn't finished rebuilding that particular district, they would have at very least finished clearing out the rubble.

Still liked the story, none the less.


Impressive work, congratulations. Now, how about a Tali story?

So many feels. Brings me back to when I played citadel the first time. How pailful it is to say goodbye. To move on. Great comic guys. Makes me wish I could forget all about mass effect just so I can play it all over as if i'm playing it the first time. ^^

[quote="Saidan" post="6.835844.20476079"]Impressive work, congratulations. Now, how about a Tali story?[/quote

OH yes, Ill would that so much.

Thane was probably my favorite male character, both the right amount of alien quality and yet so sad of a story, so terminal. And that was so my Shep... down to the scars. Wow, I am moved and happy by this comic, thank you Grey and Rachel for this awesome piece. I'd so pay for a physical copy to lovingly display it...
Wherein art is derivative, it is still unique for us all.

I don't want to come off as ungrateful but the writing style is comparable to shoujo manga :0
Still I'm gonna save it to my hard drive >:3

Which one? I can't tell if that's an insult or a compliment.


Right in the feels!


This feels reminds me of Samaras story. I didn't stop her in M3 and her last daughter died, because the real world sometimes distracts. So helpless, powerless, i kept playing this sheperd with that.

Just asking, did anyone play a xenophobe to the end?

Fantastic stuff, gang. I particularly like the subtle dichotomy in the movie scene; Thane lamenting that this is being added to his permanent memory base, while Shepard is probably using the most mindless movie imaginable to deliberately blot out the memories she doesn't want to recall right now. Neat.

... Please. We all know the only one FemShep would love to calibrate is Garrus.

This was still nice even though I have no emotional connection to Thane. He was forever stowed in my ship, even dying once because I forgot to do his loyalty mission...


I liked it, something different from our usual fare, although re: page 7 in particular shows why I'm somewhat dubious about the claims this site is meant to be PG13. Nonetheless, an interesting take on the Mass Effect world.

13+ is old enough to see a woman straddling a man. Most 13 year old men have been sexually aware for a long time (since well before they were 10); they already know what their fetishes are and they already have a porn folder hidden somewhere on the family's computer. I can't speak for the ladies, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear much the same.

13 year old men? I think the word you're looking for is adolescent, a 13 year old may not really be a child any-longer (whatever the law may say) but they're not an adult either. But yeah, I agree completely but unfortunately a lot of people don't and interpret PC13 as 'no sex please' for threads. Seems a little incongruent given a lot of the official content here but whatever :-P



Why do people put so much emphasis on it? It's like everyone has completely forgotten the true meat of the game, which this comic captures wonderfully.

What was in this comic, was not in the game.

For me, ME3 as a whole lacked any real emotion and personality, it was all very superficial and shallow. "Commander Shepard, so and so wants to speak to you." You go to person and this is like only the first or second time you've talked to the person. You experiences extremely emotional scene, there are tears or maybe blood, dramatic camera angles, strong music. Then you're immediately thrown back into the game like nothing happened.

Then you know, you walk down the hallway of the Citadel, you hear extreme shock value scenes between npcs, chemical burns on children faces, murdering a girl because she wouldn't stop crying. Then you go buy some fish or booze in a shop.

Would have been more funny if they brought that porn magazine back. Oh here's a letter from your husband who died on the battlefield. Oh that's really sad and all but um do you have the latest issue of Fornax? Yeah, the one with the really hot hanar and asari stuff? Yes. That's it. Thank you and sorry again about your husband. That was really tragic. Bye. That there sums up how ME3 feels to me.

Well gee of course it sounds this way when you're so cynical about it. I just think the ending has really left a bad taste in your mouth and you are being very critical of the game. I didn't mean literally the contents of the comic were in the game, I just meant that that feeling of connection you felt to the characters was present in all of the games. Even Mass Effect 3. I'm sorry you don't feel the same way, but I suppose I am in the minority that thought it was fine. Losing a few conversational choices was a bit of a bummer but they didn't really change much besides the tone of the Shepherd. While it's fair some people make this complaint in a game that's supposed to let you project yourself onto Shepherd, I still think that Mass Effect had done that enough through a lot of other things.

Mass Effect 3 wasn't my favorite in the trilogy. Mass Effect 2 was the best for me, but I still preferred Mass Effect 3 (as a WHOLE) over Mass Effect 1 purely because ME 1 for the Xbox 360, lovely as it was, was a real technical mess and put me off sometimes with its clunky gameplay.

Even for all of its flaws I adore sci-fi RPGs, there are far too few and there are almost none that can compete with Mass Effect (even the third one) right now. (Yeah yeah we've all played SS 2 I just mean in recent memory)

I hate fanfiction.

More specifically, I hate this concept of "fanfiction", as a separate, inherently less respectable form of creativity than the other stories that happen to be approved by a copyright monopoly.

In art, there are no "original stories", and "stealing", only stories that are ALL derviatively based on one another, yet all adding something new.

I think I agree with you, assuming you mean fanfiction is not a lower form of art or anything like that. It's quality varies just like everything else and it can lead to some really annoying legal battles, some which are the fault of companies, occassionally they are the fault of the fanfiction writer.

So yeah, not much difference at all.

OT: Excellent comic, never tried this paring in mass effect but maybe I will now.

Holy crap that opening acknowledgement about filling gaps over "improving". I'm so glad to view source material for fan fiction that way rather than warp crap to your own ends. Enjoyed it from start to finish.

Dark Knifer:

I think I agree with you, assuming you mean fanfiction is not a lower form of art or anything like that. It's quality varies just like everything else and it can lead to some really annoying legal battles, some which are the fault of companies, occassionally they are the fault of the fanfiction writer.

They can be the "fault of the writer" in a common sense meaning, that is, if you knowingly disobey copyright law and get sued, you kind of had it coming.

But looking at a bigger picture of copyright's morality, it is pretty atrocious that nowadays publishers can get away with stretching intellectual "property" so far, that it extends to banning other people's works just because it uses an "universe" that they claim to control.

"Fanfiction" as a thing only exists because of this "IP" control. Historically, picking up previous writers' works and continuing, altering, or countering them, has always been a main form of creativity. Homer's Iliad wasn't a greek superhero crossover fanfic, and Virgil's Aeneid wasn't an Iliad spinoff ignoring the continuity set by The Odyssey, these were just people writing what they knew.

That nowadays comparable works would be called fanfics, that writers have to hide along the grey areas of non-commercial Fair Use, and/or flying under the publisher's radar, so the only motivation left to continue with their legally unpublishable work is fannish obsession, is in itself an unnatural state.


This is true. In the instance of blaming the writers of fanfiction I was talking a specific example which I should have mentioned but I am lacking details as I can't seem to find the website but an author of an established series was working on the 4th book of the franchise. She came across a fanfiction of her work which hald a rather similar premise to her yet-to-be-released book so she did the right thing and contacted that author and offered compensation to the fanfiction writer so she could use her idea. This was merely a coincidence but the fanction author demanded co-authorship of new book and 50% of all profits.

So the book never got made because of fanfiction.

Overall, I think fanfiction can be a wonderful thing but many established writers, not companies, take issue with fanfiction, such as George.R.R Martins of Song of ice and fire fame.

As it is with most things both sides can be excellent or extremely petty but I do enjoy certain fanfiction, like 'The Unity Saga'
A Star wars/Star Trek cross over.

AAAAANNNNNDDDDDD she spends the rest of the war lying on her bed, singing a rock'n'roll version of "The Day The Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic."

Unlike the others, I didn't feel a thing. Nor did it really affect or touch me in any way.

Ha! Renegade scars appearing right as she forces Thane to watch Blasto. Subtle humour is great.

Wow guys that was great. Well done.


OT: Only problem I have with the portrayal of Shepard is that she appears... I don't know, a little too mouse-y. She doesn't really seem to me to display the rough edges that she does in the games. Maybe that's the point? Maybe you wanted her to appear more soft when she was around Thane and doing romantic stuff?

Either way, I enjoyed it. Another reminder that I miss Shepard, so thanks for that :P

Personally I can definitely see renegade shep letting her hair down every once in a while, while retaining the easy confidence.

Really good stuff overall =)

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