Escapist News Now: Cranky Kong Joins DKC: Tropical Freeze

Cranky Kong Joins DKC: Tropical Freeze

Cranky will join Diddy and Dixie Kong as a partner to Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

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Booo! I wanted Kiddy Kong.

I can't wait to crank some kongs! The way the cane was described, he almost sounds like he'll play like Scrooge from Ducktales.

I'm not totally up on the DKC series, but couldn't you always swim?

As for Cranky being in it, cool, especially if you know the little tid bit that Cranky is actually THE Donkey Kong from the original arcade game.

Crossing my fingers for a Lankey announcement soon.

Only missing Lankey and Chunky Kong and the whole DK64 gang will be back together. Well, missing Tiny, but same difference with Dixie.


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