Escapist News Now: Elder Scrolls Online Release, PVP Gameplay

Elder Scrolls Online Release, PVP Gameplay

Bethesda announced that their MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online will be debuting on PC and Mac on April 4th and will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in June 2014.

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Given the state the beta was in when I played it, they may as well change it to April 1st.

Nice dress Andrea. My attention was caught more by the dress than the video and news.
Did anyone else laugh when they said that there can be up to 200 players fighting at any one time? I'm sure that there can indeed be 200 players, but I would also expect the frame rate to drop to 1 frame per minute. Many other games could also boast 200 players in one place at one time, but that doesn't necessarily make for an enjoyable gaming experience.

This whole alliance war thing isn't going to pan out. Sure at the start it'll be reasonably even but then one race of one faction is going to be the most popular and that'll give their alliance more players which in this, from the looks of the video, utter zergfest of a pvp endgame will lead to one alliance just dominating at all times. And they'll never be stopped because the new players will normally join the faction that wins the most.

And let's not ignore the idiocy of their endgame pyp design. The more players that are involved in a pvp match the less player skill is important. small group pvp all about skill and co-ordination, 100 vs 100 is always going to be a clusterfuck no matter what.

Therefore this game that, sadly, bears the Elder Scrolls name is going for a pvp endgame where player skill is less important than who can build the biggest zergrush.

Played the beta. Gonna spoil it for you right now so you won't burn a hole in your pocket later.

The game isn't good. Its bland. The Generic Scrolls Online is a monicker I reckon some will paste on to it.

They took a sledgehammer to cannon and wrecked it ruining the feel of being in Tamriel and the unique landscape Todd and his guys spent 15+ years making. I really hope the next TES game retcons it all cause its looking bad. Combat is slow and unresponsive too and the lack of collision detection is a huge setback in my opinion. There is no weight to the combat. Feels like a slower Oblivion.

I know what some of you are thinking "Its in beta," but there is too many things going on that's wrong to be fixed by the time of its released. And some of its core problems are so entrenched that I don't see a feasible way it'll get fixed.

It's gonna be TORtanic all over again. Scrollacaust is what some are already using. Very fitting I shall add.

Anyways I'll probably get reprimanded by the nanny mods, but such is the price for speaking one's mind.

I agree. This game brings nothing new to MMO gaming. Its just a bunch of old ideas that worked in previous MMOs mashed together with Elder scrolls on the box. It certainly doesn't feel or look like an Elder Scrolls game.

I feel I need to clarify some misconceptions here.
1) The pvp won't become numerically unbalanced because there are 3 sides in each campaign (instance of a pvp zone) and each side is limited how many people can join a particular campaign (with soft and hard limits, the details of which aren't important). Thus, it will be unlikely for one side to dominate both the other two in numbers alone (though possible imbalance in certain times of day is possible)

2) The ability of it to manage framerate during sieges is actually pretty good. Good programming made it simply adjust the view distance, and I can say that while I do not have a particularly strong PC I had no problems even during crowded sieges. While it may be true that you can see up to 200 at once, if your PC can't handle it, then *you* won't.

3) Whether the combat is good or bad though is up to personal taste however I suspect. And it's worth mentioning that unless you're in alpha you haven't played combat at higher levels, so I think it's premature to dismiss it.


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