Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Ski / Snowboard Games

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I was thinking about #1 for the whole video! So happy to see it as the winner. =)
That yetti is realy terrifying, btw. =\

I watched just to hear about how awesome snowboard kids for N64 was, I am very disappointed :(

Same, it seems like a bit of an oversight.

Anyway yeah, Mario Kart with Snowboards... What else could you want?

Snowboard Kids 2 was the best, they ironed out the kinks in the first one like needing an entire memory card just for that single game...

But yeah, with a few friends this was an awesome game, we probably played it more than Mario Kart lol.

You could turn your friends into snowmen or ice, drop pans on their heads, turn invisible, hit them with parachutes that launched them into the air, rocket board, different tricks. What's more is it was all about timing, timing an ability right could really pay off, but timing it wrong could wreck you. Also being awesome and knowing the course wasn't always a guaranteed win. Used to be able to do all the individual tricks in the first game.

Such a good game... about snowboarding, but not on this list lol. I'mma go play it XD.

I dunno why they changed so many things for that DS release. Tommy being the slowest.. wth?

Hahahahahahahahaha that #1 pick brings back memories. Oh the great, great memories. **Sobs.**

I swear that Yeti was the single most terrifying videogame monstrosity ever. (Well, possibly except for Sinistar... but that's a whole other story.) You young'uns don't know how good you have it nowadays, with your Amnesias and your Outlasts. You think these games are SCARY, you nancy-boys? When I was growing up I had to deal with the Many, Pyramid-Head, "Death" from Gauntlet 4 (the name really says it all, doesn't it?) and THAT F--KING YETI.

Gah, Ski Free, I remember that one. It was pre-installed on my folks computer with some other games, and I killed time many times playing it. I never did figure out what the deal with the Yeti was, I thought it was a robot of some kind, and of course, I never knew it was impossible to outrun until years later.

Great list!

Huh think I played that last game back in middle school as a flash game or something.

We are still missing a snowboarding version of Skate 3...i would play the shit out of that!

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