Zero Punctuation: Tomb Raider: Underworld

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yeah this game series needs to die along with sonic. great review though

Excellent review. When I was watching it, I kept thinking of a downright ridiculous documentary "Gamer Over," which was about video game violence. Of course, the real subject was how bad all video games are. One of the main games the film discussed was Tomb Raider. The joke was that they some of the exact same things you did about old Laura, but at least you made it funny. I swear the majority of the people featured hated video games (I don't think you hate video games though). It doesn't look like you review many films but this one is worth a look. They have the entire movie online at

And if I knew who Micheal Atkinson was that would mean something.

You know, the kick in the pants is that most TR games are awful, but since the first few didn't present her as a bad character I think that made the games better....yea, and fine, she had a rack you could get smothered in probably helped in early days.

Some very good jokes made here. While the Mr Brain-Hat joke is pretty silly, it works with the presented character of dear Miss Croft. Also, I like your idea of spouse for her. If nothing else, it would make one hell of a Jason movie.

God bless you and your important work. seriously

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