Reviews: Alien: Isolation Reveal Preview

Alien: Isolation Reveal Preview

So there's a new game in the Alien franchise coming out.

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Hope, you are cruel.
Pumping blood through open wounds.
Lighting paths into uncertainty.
Standing on corpses of your previous agents.

Hope, please be right.

Please be good, please be good, please be good. I have wanted this for a very long time and the fact that its being made by a competent studio and it actually looks tense and exciting. Just be a good game, that's all I ask.

I thought when they mentioned Colonial Marines they were going to say something along the lines of:
"Don't worry, we are not making the same mistake."

I want to get excited for this game, but I've learned my lesson, going to wait for the reviews first.
Once bitten, twice shy.

Colonial Marines really hurt. I'm hoping this isn't just salt in the wound. Please be good.

This game footage is rubbing me the wrong way. By lore, Aliens are incredibly fast predators who can smell you extremely easily, meaning that the moment it sees you, it will pounce and rip you to shreds. This could either make the game very hard and intense, where even seeing it causes it to catch you every time, meaning a twitchy use of you motion scanner is required. Or, the game would make the alien move slower for "reasons" just so you have a slight chance. Even if they were good reasons why the alien is handicapped, it might take away from the experience. Hard to tell.

But what really stood out for me the puzzle with the blow-torch. "CUT Panel in Emergency." Ok, what kind of idiotic safety measure is that? No engineer in their right mind would make an emergency cut to open panel. Let's say the ship is crashing into a planet, you are at the emergency exit, and you need to open the secured door. No glass to break, no double button you need both hands for, and by the looks of it, not even a keyhole. So unless you have a working torch, you're fucked?

That just screams arbitrary puzzle. And if you can find a real world example of that, please petition to fix it.

I personally dodged the bullet by not buying Colonial Marines, and even though they are basically saying, "This is NOT Colonial marines," the mindset may still be there.


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