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All this talk of dark souls is starting to make me think a sequel is to appear very soon.
I guess i should actually pull my my ballsack back out of my vagina again and try to complete the 1st game. Sorry battlefield 4...you take too long to give me nice things

Well you would be right. Dark Souls 2 is coming out in North America on March 11th for Xbox 360 and PS3. There is a pc version in the works as well, but the release date for that version is currently unknown.

Good luck with completing the game! Just be observant and time your attacks correctly, you should be fine.

Ooh thankyou. I may need it! Am actually stuck on this boss that wields 2 blades and 2 hounds and they just plough straight towards me as soon as i pass the light. I wouldnt mind so much, but they often trap me and kill me before i can get up and run. Last night it ended because i thought i had a plan to run in there with a bone charm so i could grab my 9000 odd souls from my last failure, warp back to a bonfire and maybe level up. I rage quitted after they pinned me down in 3 seconds flat...hoping it wouldnt save the loss of all them souls. Scared to go back to see if it did or not :(

Ah the Capra Demon. Do not worry, nearly everyone has trouble fighting that boss. Okay I have a couple pieces of advice that may help you. One, as soon as you get in, dodge the dogs and run up the stairs behind the capra demon, then run along the ledge that connects to the stairs. Sit there and wait for the dogs to run up there, then kill them. Because the ledge is so thin, only one dog at a time can get at you. The capra demon likes to use his jump attack at you when you are on the ledge, so if you see him start to do it, jump off the ledge, then run back up the stairs. Repeat this till the dogs are dead.

Once the dogs are dead, a one on one fight with the capra will not be too hard. Dodging is better than blocking his attacks, as blocking his attacks takes out huge chunks of your stamina. I would say you should bait and attack or two, then run in and attack. If you want, run up the stairs. If you can position him right(especially if he tries a jump attack at you) you can use a plunging attack on him from atop the ledge.

The Capra demon is weak to fire as well, so if you have any fire bombs or charcoal pine resin, using it could be most helpful.

Well I hope what I wrote was helpful to you. If you need any more help, just message me and let me know. Good luck and good hunting!

I'm pretty sure the Gwyn question is wrong, he is actually the "Lord of the Cinder", so i clicked on flame, that is the only similar one, but is wrong. And he is not the Lord of Sunlight =/

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