No Right Answer: Most Uninteresting Game Genre

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Kyle loses because of Top Gear on the SNES and Burn Out Revenge on the 360.
Those are awesome games ;)
And mind you, BO: R had great (and evnetually super difficult) racing in it, without the crashing of opponents.
And that STILL was fun!!! :D

Dude! you had me all excited for a moment there.... I thought they had taken the show Top Gear and made it a videogame.... then I read "SNES" and went OH.... its 20 years old. NVM.

Sorry! But it was a really great game for it's day. Even though it did not have anything to do with that awesome show ;)

I guess you do know that the show has mixed itself with Forza 5, to the agreement of most players of that game:

Top Gear website: "Jeremy, James and Richard offer their own brand of wisdom in career mode, you can drive our Surrey-based track, and some say you can even race a creature known only as Stig's Digital Cousin."

Sports: Mutant League Hockey!

Racing: Twisted Metal!

Most Uninteresting Game Genre

Dan and Kyle take some time to vent on game genres that just aren't any fun. Plus Dan reveals a childhood trauma. FUN!

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Freakin' seriously? No one's mentioned Speedball yet? Or Brutal Sports?

Dan, if you want a made up sport that is also awesome, I present to you Speedball 2 (not Tournament, tho that had promise).
There's an HD remake (of the iPhone version, oddly enough) on Steam for like 10 bucks, but back in the days of the Amiga 500 this thing blew me away. It was like Rollerball without the evil corporate manoeuvres and the badguy.

Just two teams, you and an increasingly difficuly set of ugly mugs that you could eventually pay to transfer to your team.

Even today, the infamous call of "Ice cream! Ice cream!" every time a player got KO'ed still haunts me.
Plus it earned you points! Points for crushing your enemies, Dan!

Seriously, go play the game already.


Bingo. This was the first thing that flew into my mind when Dan started ranting about unreal sports. I guarantee you that nobody is going to turn off (or stand up from, since, y'know, tabletop game and all) Blood Bowl, go outside and chainsaw a mutated rat to death.

It's a video game now too, as of 3-4 years ago :P

Oh, I know - many, many hours sunk into it during a fairly intense league that I ran with some friends before they added that crazy new demon team. It was frustrating to play more often than not because a) no Undo button, b) no Special Play cards or full Star Player rosters, and c) atrocious net code. So many disconnects/failed connections... ugh.



NBA Jam is indeed the only sports game worth playing.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I forgot about Boom Shackalacka! Man, that was the best.

From down town?

He's ON FIRE!!!!!


Mutant League Football
Mutant League Hockey

Greatest Sports Games Ever Created.

They were much better than Bill Lambier's combat basketball, that's for sure.

Or even worse...

Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf

Yes... its a thing.

Oh... and the best golf game ever was Wicked 18 for SNES. It was real golf on ridiculous courses.

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