Reviews: Evolve Reveal Preview

Evolve Reveal Preview

From the makers of Left 4 Dead comes a new take on cooperative/competitive gameplay.

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The monsters remind me of the primal zerg, it looks very similar, hell it even evolves as it eats others. Regardless it looks like it has the potential to kick ass. I suppose my main concern is what you can do besides hunt and fight, as otherwise it will eventually get boring if there are long gapes between fights, maybe you can find and kill the other monster to prevent the enemy player from evolving.

Another shooter? haven't we got enough of those already?

Another shooter? haven't we got enough of those already?

In short, no.

We can always use fresh coop experiences. I just discovered Payday 2 for example and even though the shooting in it has been done before, everything else about it feels fresh and awesome. I really dig the whole 4 player coop thing, sure as hell give shooters a breath of fresh air.

This isn't a fresh co-op experience. Aliens vs. Predator, the original PC/Mac version, did this. . . by accident. In a mode called "species deathmatch," set with balanced teams, you'd get 4v1. . . or 4v1v6 or somesuch when all three species were in a map. It was a blast. . . when it worked.

So there's room to do it better. AvP was fraught with bugs and balance issues (bad marine players = dead, good marine players = gods, several of the predator weapons had to be regularly banned), but it already played faster than what we're seeing here.

But, good or bad, this has been done, and been done in a playable fashion.

It is not inspiring that there is no evidence that monster has few mobility advantages over the ranged enemies. (Being able to get up higher than the enemy isn't sufficient.)


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