The Big Picture: Ripoff Cop

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Alex V.Sharp:
"Lady Battlecop" actually sounds like a rather cool twist. Maybe they should remake that next.

The crossover potential with Robocop is immense. Though no doubt it'll get bogged down by awkward shipping scenes.

And it still looks better than Robocop fighting ninjas in the third movie

That big green robot in robo force looks a lot like a zaku from gundam. double rip off points for china.

Where do you find the time to watch ALL of these obscure old movies Bob?

He's a movie geek. Where you watch maybe one movie every few days, Bob tends to watch numerous movies every day.

Kumagawa Misogi:

Andrew Siribohdi:
You know, it's weird how you mention the Box Office, Bob.

According to this, Robocop pulled in $70 million overseas. Considering that it's state production Budget is $100 Million, doesn't this mean it has already broken even?

A film needs double it's production cost to break even the cinema chain takes 50% of the ticket price.

Except that's just five days into its theatrical run, which means it'll probably easily clear that wall. Also, the raw budget number ignores any part of the budget paid for by co-marketing campaigns ("Man of Steel" made like $110 million or something crazy like that on just that alone) or anything else.

Looks like Robo Vampire is having buffer issues.

Ah Robo War. One of my favorite Spoony reviews. That robot sure loved to randomly spout "Greasy".

In the last scene, that was saddest looking flamethrower I have ever seen :/

OY robocop 3 was a decent game. best movie game for decades

ha good to see rotor there, that wasnt bad but it wasnt exactly great either

Personally, I'm really digging Robomonth. Bob, this is a little off-topic, but you're not itching to get away from Robocop just yet, you gotta let us know what you think of "Our Robocop Remake". If you haven't seen it, you must. (NSFW)

For those who haven't heard of it or who may be interested (or who have two hours to kill): independent film-makers and comedy troupes from around the internet recreating the original Robocop, scene by scene (each group gets a scene), and released it just days before the official remake came out.

In my opinion, it's uneven - suffers a bit from "unfunny people being funny", but that's unavoidable in a project like this (and is kind of part of the charm, considering some of the groups are well known and well funded while others made their sets out of cardboard for 10 bucks or used toys). The concept alone is pretty cool and fun to watch, and there are some gems that make the whole thing worth it (Kinney is a puppet, Murphy's murder as interpretive dance, Robocop's super slow reveal, the strangely animated showdown between Robocop and ED-209, and of course the soon-to-be-if-not-already infamous "scene 27")

A better remake than the remake?

Bob, no mention of Full Metal Yakuza? Awesomely gory camp movie inspired by the original Robocop. Not a ripoff, exactly, but I figure it deserves a place on your list.

Track down a copy if you can find one. Highly recommended!

... fucking wierd...

I complain about Hollywood and the retardedness of a lot of todays blockbusters...but could have been worse I guess :P

i was sure those hopping zombies were called kyonshi but it redirects to jiangshi on wikipedia so i guess i was wrong
dont know where i got the other name from

What, no mention of Robot Geisha, the world's greatest film?

Never knew they had a robocop inspired Metal Heroes. Neat.

Some Stray observations about the movies Bob mentioned:

- Doesn't the lady Robot Cop look a lot like that Yu-Gi-Oh! fusion card, Super Robolady? It was literally the first thing that came to mind.
- Can I say that I smiled at the Metropolis reference of calling a robot movie, "I Love Maria"? That is brilliant. The Robot body in that movie even looks like the Machinenmensch body, and that is awesome!

- I'm just happy to see the Beatleborgs get a visual nod, that made me happy.

Can I also mention it now that the commercial with Robocop , um, This one makes me happy?

I'm amazed at a lot of these movies. They look like masterpieces, and I'd love to watch a few of them. Great video, Bob!

Japan never disappoints when one is on the search for slightly to very cheesy movies.

ok, is it bad that during the Roboforce battle sequence, all I could think of was 'that's no zaku, m'boy, no zaku!'


That big green robot in robo force looks a lot like a zaku from gundam. double rip off points for china.

sort of ninja'd me, but I'm still leaning more to it being a Gouf.


And as for catchy music, you should have played the Laser Blade theme.

great, having said that I'm now off to youtube

I'm not sure about the average ticket buyer but I know I didn't go to see the new Robocop because the black armor and the trailers made it seems like another studio attempting to make yet another attempt at a version of the Dark Knight. Really tired of films attempting to be like the Dark Knight so if the trailers and buzz words are about dark and gritty I'll just go watch something else.

It's why Guardians of the Galaxy had me sold with the trailer because it was attempting to sell itself on being like other films. A light fun romp in a budget action film, take my money now.

I wonder if Winspector is related to this.

Hey, that's nothing - I saw a mockbuster of Pacific Rim.

It was called...wait for it...Atlantic Rim.

I'm not making this shit up, kids.

Aw man, I have to find that Roboforce movie.

On a side note, looking into it caused me to rediscover a long lost toy line from my childhood.
Thanks Bob, because of you I'm looking back at fond memories of ... Robo Force

(I had the one simply named "Enemy")

Hahahaha, because when fighting vampires I want to give my robot killing machine human parts - aka access points for a vampire bite.
THEN it'd be a RoboVampire. Which would probably make more sense and a better movie.
There. Fixed it.

That big green robot in robo force looks a lot like a zaku from gundam. double rip off points for china.

I also heard beam rifle sounds in that Hong Kong movie.

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