Escapist News Now: Twitch Plays Pokemon Breaks Chat

Twitch Plays Pokemon Breaks Chat

The wildly popular Twitch Plays Pokemon stream has reached over 100,000 concurrent viewers, but is it breaking the Twitch chat? The company said it's put, "enormous and unforeseen stress on Twitch's chat system." But despite that, it has been a wonderful learning experience for them.

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I thought it was a cool idea when it started, but as a follower of LoadingReadyRun's streams, I now really fucking hate this thing. Chat freezes constantly, and when it works it has a much longer delay than usual and a ton of messages don't even reach them. It's incredibly annoying.

I watched it a few times. It's easily the most bizarrely hilarious thing I've seen in a long time.

A few friends keep mentioning this. I don't understand the attraction.

Yeah, as a follower of LoadingReadyLive lrrEFF this! Chat is lying in tiny pieces crying to itself...

the video mentions this could be a good social experiment, in what?
how trainer red would be able to function with 100,000 voices in his head at once (and not go insane).

the video mentions this could be a good social experiment, in what?

When i heard about this i instantly realized it for what it is: a stress test for the chat feature. you know, when there is 1000 people in an irc channel and they all start talking the IRC servers just go "nope" and boot everyone out? yeah, twitch want to fix problems lie these. This is a great stress test with real people doing real chatting on a massive scale while tricking them into thinking its fun.
Te fact that it took it so long to actually break shows just how well the twitch chat system is coded.

I prefer RNG plays Pokemon myself. It comparatively shows in a way that even a slight bias towards success can go a mile, and makes a great analogy for evolution.

This Twitch plays has become some sort of sick social experiment.

The experiment has been corrupted by democracy mode and botnets. It was a masterful experiment for a while, not so much anymore.


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