Escapist News Now: Free Titanfall in Xbox One Bundle

Free Titanfall in Xbox One Bundle

Microsoft announced that gamers in North America can purchase a new Xbox One bundled with a copy of Titanfall for $499.

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So... If I had just waited 3 months and not been a supporter of their currently under selling system, I could have gotten my console and a free game? I'm getting it for PC anyway, but I can imagine the people that are in my shoes without a gaming PC are going to be pretty miffed that they supported MS early.

In my opinion, I think it's a clever move for Microsoft to attract the PS4 and Nintendo customers, but doing so forgets his own clients,loyal customers who purchased a Xbone three months ago without receiving anything but tedious bugs the first few months, but you know what they say: "to gain something, you lose something"

meh, I got countless hours of black flag logged on my xbone, so even if I am waiting for titanfall I still feel I have gotten my money worth in other areas as well.


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