Escapist News Now: Rockstar Sued Over GTA 5 "Mob Wives" Character

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Zachary Amaranth:


Except it is perfectly applicable here.
someone made a claim the because the story was commonly known, Rockstar had the right to put it in their videogame, and i made a point that it would not by contrasting it to something even more commonly known.

Except you didn't actually contrast it. They're not literally putting in her life story, they're putting in an approximation. I've covered how common it is to use LOTR as a story, so you shouldn't need me to go over this again. You're not making an applicable parallel and I've already explained why.

And honestly, LOTR wouldn't have any more protection here.

Again, you totally miss my point.
I am not making a large treatise of privacy, copyright, trademark or any other kind of law.
I am pointing out that something being commonly known, does not automatically make it ok to use it in a game, or sell it for profit.

Whether or not Rockstar was justified in doing whatever it is they did, i do not know, i am not a lawyer, judge, or even all that familiar with the case.
I am just pointing that one argument presented in this thread, is wrong.

And if you do publish a Lord of the Rings, with some name changes and minor modifications to the plot, Tolkien estate can sue you, and depending on the situation, and they might win, or they might lose, depending on specifics of the case.

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