8 Reasons You Should Call In Today And Stream Movies

8 Reasons You Should Call In Today And Stream Movies

Today we're giving you eight reasons to stay home and watch movies. We have eight various films from documentaries to not documentaries, enjoy and order some pizza for delivery because you aren't going to be leaving your house any time soon.

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Nope. Gonna watch 13th Warrior instead.

Still, at least there are titles and an article here. Stick with me kid, I'll make you a star!

He he, I jest. Still, it's nice to have some context and opinion with one of these. Now I am going to pretend you read my post on the last GotD and take all teh Creditz!

/maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh

Ive watched Bronson which was good....not great. The rest of your choices are boring, none of them would make me stay in doors instead of going out. So 8 random movies that no one is going to waste their time on because they sound boring. Great list, is this going to be a weekly thing, "8 more reasons you should call in today and stream movies?"

Two Bergmans made it on the list? Well, color me surprised. Pretty interesting list in general. Nightmare Factory looks intriguing. I might have to add it on my watch-list although I'm not sure how I'll be able to get my hands on it.

For those who have Hulu access, I would recommend calling in and watching Kurosawa's High and Low before it goes back behind the paywall. I think it expires in 3 days. Same goes for Seijun Suzuki's Branded to KIll, if you are at all interested in Japanese gangster movies.

Well, once again, these aren't reasons, but that's about my only point to bitch about. The slides actually explain what they are. A "why" would be nice too, because not a single one piqued my interest, but that's on me.

Keep up the good work, and be sure to title your articles properly.


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