You Never Move Your Settler! - Opening Strategy Splits Civ V Studio

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This was a great article. Pretty interesting to hear it was such a polarising point of discussion.

The architect in me demands perfection in site analysis when choosing a city location. It hurts to move the settler, it's true, but each turn wasted is, to me, one turn of challenge I've given myself for the sake of aesthetic satisfaction.


Well I'm not surprised civ 5 was such a dissapointment and had so much less replay value than civ IV or 2 if that was the level of discussion going on.

Have you gotten into the Brave New World expansion? Vanilla Civ IV had way more replayability than Civ V, and the Gods and King expansion added a little but still behind. Pretty much for all the few good things they added to the game, most notable being the hex grid, a few extra things were lost and the game was less complex. I found with BNW though they finally brought in enough new things to get the complexity comparable with Civ IV, and overall it becomes a better package.

Yup and I feel like an idiot for getting it...

It's not so much the complexity, it's that it feels like the game has decided for me how to play it. I think this is compounded by the expansions rather than reduced.

I'm usually up for moving up to 4 tiles (mostly play on King difficulty, always Marathon matches). So maybe the length of the game makes up for the "wasted" turns. If I see ocean and/or river, I'll make a line strait toward it. The added resources more than make up for the temporary delay.

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