Escapist News Now: Goat Simulator Release Date

Goat Simulator Release Date

Goat Simulator gets a release date.

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This is one of those times where, after all this time, we finally get one of those things we've all been dreaming about and encountering in science fiction. Like the hoverboars thing, except this is actually happening.

Scary stuff. Is it wrong that I have no intention of playing this, but would love to see someone like NerdCubed get hold of it and do a video?

This game really gets my goat.

The gameplay reminds me of Amazing Frog, a title truly worthy of both the words in its name.

I read that as "Goatse emulator". I am pleased that I was mistaken.

I have a goat as my Steam picture.. for some reason I think I'll be buying this.


Forget your suggestion devs I want to play it! Take my money, take more of my money and put it into extras for the game. I want to buy a T shirt of the goat climbing a ladder to get others to want to give you their money.

I'm more keen on this than I thought I would be; it looks like a bunch of silly, cathartic fun. It's like all the fun parts of saints row, except you're a goat.

And that thing with the tongue: pretty cool idea.


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