Escapist News Now: Watch Dogs Coming This Spring

Watch Dogs Coming This Spring

Watch Dogs finally has a release date.

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Definitely excited for Watchdogs. It WAS gonna be what I got with the PS4 at launch, but oh well. Good thing is, from tomorrow I'll have South Park to tide me over until Infamous, which will hold me over until Watchdogs. Yup, got a busy gaming schedule.

(now all I want is to find out the dates of The Witness and Minecraft PS4 Edition)

I just hope the PC port is good.

Seen too many multiplat releases with awful PC ports. Forced mouse accelleration, horrible options menus, tunnel-vision FOVs that break animations if you fix them, which requires ini file editing, etc. Or even downright third party hacks to fix the mouse support(looking at you Skyrim).

At this point, Watch Dogs and Transistor are about the only upcoming games I'm considering purchasing the week of their release. Hoping WD can like up to the hype. If it's only an open-world game with an interesting hacking mechanic, I'll live, but there's a lot of ways they could screw this up, too. The bits and pieces we've seen have been so cinematic in style that one worries the entire game could be either very linear and channeling or excessively breakable.

I am anticipating Watchdogs more than any potential PC GTA V release, at least there is finally a release date now.

Just an observation but I think watch dog's universe can easily fit in the assassin's creed universe, would be cool of they are one and the same.

If marvel can have continuity in their movies and comics why can't games have them too?


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