Unskippable: Dirge of Cerberus

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Dirge of Cerberus

Emo-haired brooding, pointless explosions, and unexplained backstory? Yup, it's Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus.

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Haha great really am enjoying this series

That was the best one so far in my opinion! Keep it up!

A flying jet ski... This is why this series rules.

And yes, he does suck.

This is so great, I usually get really anxious over Unforgotten Realms and Zero Punctuation videos but this series is probably my favorite by far !

Wow, for sure my favourite thus far.
I was a little iffy on the previous episodes, but this was good.

I actually didn't find this one quite as funny as the previous ones, but still hilarious :D

"We're testing bullets on you! Tell us if this hurts..."

Nice work guys. Very funny as usual.

Couple of bits made me laugh quite a lot, specially the bit with the moon.

Keep it up!

Best one so far - Mainly as it rips final fantsy apart.

When Shinra built the huge gun on top of the city...


If the second one was two times better than the first, this is ten times better !

Laughed my ass off at:
"What the heck was that !?"
"An explosion."

and the many others.

"Ah, there's the moon. Now where was I?"

Best one so far.

i fucking love these videos! i almost pissed my pants every time i saw one of these for the first time!

I was beginning to get skeptical about this series after the previous episode, but this was by far the best one yet. I will definitely keep tuning in. Keep up the good work!

This is getting better every time. Easily best of the new shows.

I watched the first two and wasn't impressed, but this one was hilarious! Maybe FFVII is easy to make fun of, or you guys are getting better. Either way I hope to see more from you guys. Great work on this one

Hilarious. You guys just keep getting better. Great work.

"It's a flying jetski"

This is awesome. Especially due to the fact we can look forward to these every week instead of every other week.

"gee I feel that we wont be able to do that stuff in the game"

This one was hilarious at first, what with "I'll get you next time, gadget.."

But after that human experiments joke kept going on and on and on, I started losing interest. Just needed a little more variety in that part.

"What was that?"

gold :P

This is my new favorite escapist feature :D

That's a really cute suit the girl is wearing. Very protective, and must keep her very warm! Ahem.

I loved this one over the rest, so far! Love it, love it.

"O thank god vincent you can help us...wait why are you just standing there? ahhh ahhh!"

So true!

"It's experiment time! We're testing the effects of bullets on you."
"Tell us if this hurts."


i dont know i found myself more interested in the cutscene than in what they were saying, i think that's something they should be more careful about

I don't know why i can't enjoy these but i just can't. maybe it reminds me of the annoying people in the room that talk during movies and games. i'm going to keep watching in the hopes that they'll win me over, but so far they just come off annoying to me

lolz, this was a good one ^^

It's getting better and better with each episode ! Great ! Good job, guys, it's really good.

Epic win :D

I had to pause the video for a ROFL break with the Inspector Gadget crack... nicely done.

dont you just love how all the house are made of wood and everything is really old... yet they have flying jetski's and mobile phones?

loved the inspector gadget crack and how most of the cutscene is *dramatic no emotion stare*

By far the best one yet! xD I was laughing so hard I cried at some points =D

"Hey! Whoa! This isn't a phone!" xD

Wait, where did I leave the moon? Ah there you are. Im watching you moon..."

Mondays come around too fast. But this ease the pain a little :D

"what the heck was that?!?"
an explosion...

aww man that was the best bit XD
i loved the brooding stuff too
these get better every time, keep up the awesome work guys ^w^

"We're testing the effects of bullets, ON YOU!" is definately the must quote line of the episode.

Dirge of Cerberus was a perfect choice for this, utterly nonsensical and thankfully not boring.

Hahaha I always get a good laugh from these, keep up the good work.

I must add that I love how this makes me think of MST3K =P

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