Unskippable: Dirge of Cerberus

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"Sorry, we couldn't find the rest of your sweeter"

God I love this series. Keep it up guys!


I'm a film theoretician so I've always loved the 'film industry only' jokes in mst3k (sometimes referring to technical aspects of film production, film theory, anthropology or just film history) and the one thing Unskippable has exclusively are the in-game jokes. Like the Capture the Flag pun at the beginning of this one. You just know you are one of the few that gets this :) so cool

Haha, I wasn't to sure about the first one you guys made, but this one had me in stitches, keep up the good work!

"you and your sentence fragments!"

This one won me over, I'm hereby declaring my fanboyism towards Unskippable.

I must admi-I can't...quite describe...in words the amount of face rocking awesome that was contained in this episode. You guys are Kings among Geeks!

"It's the Human Experiment Dancers!"

Good stuff guys. Keep it up. I'm convinced. (read hooked)


dont you just love how all the house are made of wood and everything is really old... yet they have flying jetski's and mobile phones?

loved the inspector gadget crack and how most of the cutscene is *dramatic no emotion stare*


In Europe all the buildings are old yet they have mobile phones and futuristic looking BMW bikes...

yea i am from britain. we havent had wooden house for a looong time
but yea good assumption

I guess I'm the only one who didn't like this better than the previous episodes? It was still very, very funny, and there were long parts in which I was just nonstop lolling.

You guys are filling the gap Mystery Science Theater 3000 left behind. Keep it up, you're on my weekly to-do list like ZP now.

This definitely made me laugh the hardest of all the ones yet. Keep up the great work guys! I very much enjoy your series and look forward to seeing more of it in the future. :)

I loved the metal gear references, his voice totally did remind me of snake... and the in unison 'an explosion' was pretty great too!

Just flaming awesome. This cut scene reminded me of PoP WW, a bit.

Great job. I'm really liking this series.

This one is the best so far :D

Why did I take the stairs? Where did I leave the moon?

Oh so brilliant. Really liked this one.

You're really just getting better and better; I'm extremely pleased.

"...That can stop Metal Gear"
lol I heard that too :P

A great improvement from your Eternal Sonata episode, which was the last one I saw. I'll be looking forward to next weeks, don't let me down.

A bit of an improvement. As long as it keeps improving, I might keep watching.

I thought this one was quite good ^^

This was just great! I literally fell on the floor laughing and crying :D Can't wait for the next one...

Very funny, improving very quickly as well. I am enjoying the Unskippable series very much. Also, "Oh thank goodness you're here to save us! Wait, why are you just standing there? Help! Oh God!" type of line at the end was my favorite.

Edit: Actually, my favorite line is "Spidy Sense!" and then the missile blows up, that was my favorite line because it was so well placed.

This is God! Pick up the pace! Pure genius
You guys seem to be getting better at this every go.

Probably my favourite one so far, great job. "Why did I take the stairs?"

i love the constant mgs referances lol

This is great stuff. The Inspector Gadget gag was beyond awesome.

Wow guys, this was amazing. It's not often I can honestly say this, and it might just be because I'm an FF7 fan, but I fucking lol'd. There was more than a few times I had to go back because I was laughing too hard to get the next joke. The first two were good for a few laughs, but I always felt there was something off. Not so with this week's. I think this series is starting to hit its stride. Keep it up!

"You know, this seems like a really fun game to play". That was great.

Keep it up!

Ooh, and before I forget, do Lost Planet next! :P

lulz.... "Theres the moon!"

This one was great! Much better than Dead Rising! However, I still think Eternal Sonata was a bit better.

My Most Favorite line: "This is god: Pick up the pace."

I loved the Dr. Claw ref. Also, this is reply #100 (and to doubters, the first post never counts).

It's experiment time! We're testing the effects of bullets! On You!

Combine seem to have lots of fun testing that all the time. Unfortunately, Freeman breaks scientific rigor.

Top notch. Keep it up!

Elminsters Hat:
"You know, this seems like a really fun game to play". That was great.

Keep it up!

Ooh, and before I forget, do Lost Planet next! :P

umm...I'm not sure how to break it to you...

OMG, you guys are so incredibly funny!! I laughed so hard at this one-you guys are awesome!!!

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