Unskippable: Dirge of Cerberus

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I can't imagine watching this crappy opening without this commentary!

My favorite was 'I have to stop Metal Gear' XD

lol yuffie sucks, and all what was that?! AN EXPLOSION and i stopped making my arms flap and now im making a jetski float, love that that was awesome

The part between 1:15 and 1:35 made me laugh so hard I actually peed a little ^^

ROFLMFAO!!!!! This episode is genius!!!!! Think is in my top 3 from unskippable!
"We are testing the effects of bullets on YOU!"
"Tell us if this hurts!"

I'm watching you, moon....

Oh newest post in like 5 months woot

"todd macfarlane called spawn wants his cape back"
ok this video is joust is sooo good. that line still makes me lol so hard.

Spidey Sense!!!

yknow, i have never played final fantasy. in fact, Kingdom Hearts is really my only FF "experience". i know, pretty disappointing. Square ENX needs to make better games.

I played FFVII. And I played this. I enjoyed this game alot.

This ep of unskippable, is awesome. I laughed my ass off.
nice one guys :)

haha brilliant series, "were testing these bullets, on you! tell us if it hurts"

Wow, this one is hilarious! Great work! I'm sure Mike, Servo and Crow would be proud.

You really need to make a shirt that says: We're testing the effects of bullets on you. Let us know if this hurts!

I've lost count of the number of times I've shown this video to other people because it's that funny. XD

Definetly my favourite Unskippable.

The best line was the "Macarena" joke! XP

The girl says "I'm sorry"

Lol'd hard

I love this show, "brood vibe"

Am i the only one thats looking forward to the human experiment fare? Personaly im hoping for some new pair of arms when it comes along.

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