Game Writing Editors Just Make Games Better

Game Writing Editors Just Make Games Better

Writing in games has become standard in the industry, but all good writing requires a guiding hand.

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So the VG industry is finally catching up with the rest of the modern entertainment world. Welp, while editors don't necessarily make everything better with the writing process, they do indeed help. I guess I'll be looking forward to some future job openings in the VG writer fields then.

Another layer of censorship.

While editing might be divine when it comes to books, I remain sceptical when linked to movies, comics and now games.

I thought this as I was playing Metal Gear Solid: "I'm actually digging the story, but man does this writing need to be edited."

As an aspiring writer myself, the value of a good editor is not to be underestimated, and that is a lesson that Hideo Kojima should take to heart.

Yet, a point needs to be made: editing only works if editors understand the medium.

This is important in any case, but in an industry whose writing is still perceived as simplistic, juvenile or even optional, having a staff that understands the importance of good writing and delivery is paramount. Failing to do that will give us much advertised failures like an Oscar winner writer doing COD:Ghost.


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