The Escapist Show: Episode 12: Gaming in the Triangle

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Another good episode. I liked the overview, the slight humour (Especially the Bull part. What was that bull even doing there?) and it also rekindled my long lost love of caffeine.

Also, I'm starting to think that Russ likes being followed around by the camera.

The mascot of the Durham baseball team is the Bull, and thus the bull pops up all over Durham.

That Bull in paticular blows smoke out its nostrils when there's a home run.

Yes! Know the movie Bull Durham? That's the bull from the movie, as the team in the movie is the Durham Bulls. The funds from the movie shot in the old Durham Bulls stadium actually helped fund the construction of the new stadium you saw in this episode.

Fun stuff.



That 'Eat Lead' game looks like a cyber western, intriguing! Also Russ reminds me of Steve Carrel, that is a compliment :D

From what I recall, Eat Lead is about a retired video game hero making a comeback in next gen graphics, only to find out the latest game is a plot to kill him. It's a game that breaks the fourth wall by having you play a game character that actually IS a game character in a game. It's like Bruce Willis playing the role of a retired action star in a new action movie, to be dragged into a real action movie.

Holy crap, that is one of the best and most original ideas for a game I have heard of in a while

I know, right? In a world of sameness, it's pretty refreshing. I love games that break the fourth wall.

Yay, "A World of Her PWN!" I like that I get all the jokes, and the segues between the eal world and the video games are awesome. Make more, plz.

O.O My god... I LIVE THERE!

I used to. Well, about an hour's drive away, anyway.

A pity the job market dried up and I ended up moving north. Would've been nice to try to get a foot in the door with one of these companies.

it was interesting learning about the game studio's etc, but did you really have to beef it out with all that twonk at the start and the beginning?

made me wanna turn it off

Cool show. Really liked world of her PWN. Keep it up!

Russ, you definitely embody the spirit of true geekness. Keep up your fine shenanigans.

My ulterior motive for posting in this aging thread though, is to pose a question: When will we see this mythical interview you've done with Icarus Studios, developers of Fallen Earth?

A link drop on the Fallen Earth forums is what led me to The Escapist, some weeks ago. I've been patiently awaiting that interview since.

Speaking of the Apocalypse; If the end times ever come, I think Red Storm is the first place I'll raid. Quite the armory they've got there.

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