The 3 Things I'm Most Excited About In Galactic Civilization III

The 3 Things I'm Most Excited About In Galactic Civilization III

Even though it's still just in Alpha, Galactic Civilizations III holds a lot of promise for any aspiring galactic ruler.

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The jealously I have for ya'll is great.

I ADORE the series, and I hope they will release a physical version of the game like they did with the previous two.

I still have my original METAL case for GalCiv2 and all those 'big boxes' for the series.

Always willing to try out another 4X game. Right now Distant Worlds is my game of choice, and I'm looking forward to Star Ruler 2 in the future.

As to the actual article, #3 kind of has me concerned, as it has some potential to make a large empire a micromanagement nightmare. One of the things that makes Distant Worlds great to me is that a lot of the micromanagement side of the game can be automated if you want so that as your empire grows, you can focus on the macro side of things and let the individual planets govern themselves. I hope that GalCiv III does something similar, because as interesting as planet management sounds in this article, I don't still want to be doing it when I have hundreds of planets under my banner(or in the case of an evil empire, my foot).

Honestly, I would have it if GalCiv3 learned a few lessons from Civ5.

Civ5 brought me back into the Civ fan club.
-Civ4 I didn't have any strong feelings either way, and I kind of hated Civ3.

SOLVEmedia: "want to get away?"

-Yes, yes I do.

Too bad they're asking 93 Euro for alpha testing.
That's .... a bit high, to say the least.

I just hope the ships have actual proper animations this time. I hated Galciv 2 just for the fact that the ships moved like plastic pieces on a board game.

Loved all the GalCiv games and definitely looking forward to this one.

Don't know about the paid entry to the alpha though. I've tried a few games before that were in alpha states (sometimes at release, like Sword of the Stars 2) and although I've gotten dozens of hours of gameplay out of some of them, I feel like my ultimate appreciation of the product suffered because of it.

I hope this actually helps. Gal Civ 2 was pretty boring to be honest, and felt like a really simple version of civilisation except you can create your own troops. And Civilisation isn't exactly the most complex game.

I was interested. Then I saw it's $100. Yeah, for an alpha? No thanks.

Hope they improve shit combat. I know its not the focus, but still.


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