Zero Punctuation: Titanfall - It's Got Big Stompy Robots

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Titanfall - It's Got Big Stompy Robots

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Titanfall.

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It indeed has big stompy robots. Not the biggest and stompiest, but enough to satisfy me.

I honestly didn't know that Titanfall was a multi-player only game. I thought it had a single player campaign and was probably going to pick up the Xbox 360 version of it when it eventually got released.

Bullet dodged there, Yahtzee. Thank you.

I'll just sit here blissfully having never played it due to ignoring all of the hype.

I've watched a gameplay video here or there, CoD with robots - ground breaking.

I'm sure looking forward to CoD with robots 2: moderner robots that will be released in 9 months and I'll definitely be all in for the CoD with Robots: Black Robots in another 8 months after that.

This was more positive than I was expecting. I might get it after a big price drop ($20 seems like pushing it).

Yeah, it seems to be unwritten law that in Dark Souls, upon entering another player's world for whatever reason, you bow to the host of the world, and the host normally returns the favor. I actually quite like it. But yeah, this review seems to sum up what I've seen of titanfall. Fun as Hell, not worth full retail.

Wow. A $60 only online, only multiplayer game isn't worth it. Who would have guessed?!
All serious though, I played it on a friend's console. I asked if this was basically a single PVP map from any MMORPG. He said yes. I asked "For $60?" He looked at me for a moment...
Then asked if I wanted to play Diablo III on 360.
We had a great time!

Yeah, Angry Joe made more or less the same points as you, Yahtzee. To be fair, by playing the game you realize it's true: the game has excellent movement and the titans do feel like an upgrade but not a game breaker. With appropiate maneuvering you can down a titan on foot.

In the end, it needs more polish though. Maybe more maps and better integration with the story. What it doesn't need is yearly (or bi-yearly, or nth-yearly) sequels.

Reaffirming that there really is no reason for me to pick up this game... ever... despite it's fantastic Mech Design.

Yeah the Back to the Future ride comparison makes me sad a little seeing that is gone and replaced by a similar ride with CG Simpsons.

This wasn't a joke review? Thanks, Yahtzee, I just lost my last J20 in an ill-advised bet....

You are not the first to ping this game for lack of single player, Yahtzee...and I'm sure you won't be the last.

I think it is safe to say that there is only one game to have done multiplayer only FPS correctly. *COUGH*TF2*COUGH*

That's Yahtzee's attack on Titan... Fall. I was hoping you weren't going to ignore the price and the fact that they advertised this with only "Believe The Hype" (already gonna be a hit) just because it's actually fun. I'll be waiting for this one to drop in price.

Video Game multiplayer is to social interaction what being gang-raped by the Sisters in Shawshank was to Andy. Fight like hell to avoid it and if its forced on you, just hope you get the polite one.

To be honest, they charge you way more then 80 bucks to get on that Back to the Future ride, AND make you sit in a very long que.

I expected this to be a Aprils first joke that arrived a day too late.

I actually like that there isn't a single player campaign since those typically suck and drain resources away pointlessly, I do think that charging 60 dollars for a multiplayer only game is completely ridiculous.


You have hitith the nailith on the headith.

From what I've seen of the game, it could have had a fantastic single player campaign given the game's mechanics and setting. To see it so limited kind of makes me sad. Glad Yahtzee actually did manage to enjoy something multiplayer.

I'll be passing on this, though; mainly because I'm not about to break my EA boycott. Also, how long do you think until they start rolling out microtransactions?

Yahtzee is definitely on point here and I can't disagree at all but I love how fun the game is and how much enjoyment I get out of stomping around in a mech. Having played through the campaign a few times now I do understand who the characters are and story but when analyzed it still isn't really a story at all but just a bunch of people on opposing sides fighting to stay supplied and capture strategic locations for an ongoing war... that is pretty much it. Spyglass being my favorite character mostly because he seems to be the only rational one in the entire war who hasnt betrayed their side or isn't ruled by blind ideology.

You are not the first to ping this game for lack of single player, Yahtzee...and I'm sure you won't be the last.

I think it is safe to say that there is only one game to have done multiplayer only FPS correctly. *COUGH*TF2*COUGH*

TF2? That's an odd way of saying Unreal Tournament or Unreal Tournament 2004.

OT: Thanks for pointing out it's multiplayer only, that knocks most of the price away. While the concept is appealing it's the price that kills it for me and I would imagine most people.

I don't know what I liked more, the Mecha-cat or the EA cannoli thing :P

He did not even talk about the AI bots :(
Well, first time he did such a review?

Wow, full price for a multiplayer-only title that's in match format, not free-roaming/sandbox? Weak.
Wait, what? 80 bucks?! That's not full price! 60 bucks is full price, 80 bucks is full price XL!
I have little inclination to try this game. Sounds like it was mostly hype, as expected.

I'm a little surprised Yahtzee didn't point out a thread of logic like an online multiplayer game that's effectively the deathmatches from games like Halo and Fuse with all the bits publishers didn't think their customers would like cut away like...a cake with everything that wasn't frosting removed and now all we have left is a brightly colored lump of pure sugar that'll have us bouncing from wall to wall for about twenty minutes before we're all sprawl across the floor with sore stomachs and a fierce desire to sleep off the whole experience.

Titanfall is the epitome of dumb fun. Problem is, other multiplayer shooters that provide the same amount of it aren't $60.

I think it is safe to say that there is only one game to have done multiplayer only FPS correctly. *COUGH*TF2*COUGH*

Have people really forgotten Counterstrike?

Sorry to hear about the hat, Yahtzee.

As per the review, it's great to hear that the game is fun and enjoyable. You're right on the price and I'm going to wait until it's on sale for at most around $40 (if not just $30). It's just not worth paying FULL PRICE for a game that's only 1/2 a game.

Just to compare: Natural Selection II is a multiplayer only game with tons of enjoyable hours to be had. It released at a $30 price tag when it launched.

Yea, I have a bad feeling that we're going to see a lot more multiplayer only games now that both the ps4 and xbone charge monthly for playing online. That's why everyone wants it to be a success. Then they can point at it and say 'look all the next gen players want multiplayer only games. Make more.'

I can't say I like the Rhymedown thing but I do like how it's made Yahtzee and Jim more poetic in their regular shows.

lol. I lost my virginity on the Back to the Future ride.

I love the mecha-kitty getting distracted by the laser scope ending.

Come on Yahtzee, if we were talking about Battlefield you'd be saying they SHOULDN'T have made a single-player, and I don't think anyone would complain if Battlefield went back to charging full price for a multiplayer-only experience.

Daaaah Whoosh:
Come on Yahtzee, if we were talking about Battlefield you'd be saying they SHOULDN'T have made a single-player, and I don't think anyone would complain if Battlefield went back to charging full price for a multiplayer-only experience.

Judging by the responses in this thread, it sounds like a lot of people would complain about paying full price for multiplayer-only.

Gosh darn it Yahtzee- did you really backstab someone who was bowing to you?
I know invaders aren't usually welcome thus the rules are thrown out the window just... I dislike that. I guess I love respecting others where i'm willing to bow and consider it a duel then someone invading me to ruin my day. All well.

OT: I agree with you pretty much with the whole point- that the game feels way to short and no one cares about the plot. I played it myself over my brotherly friend's house and though it's really fun... it is sad how little there is to the overall game. Not that many maps, with that many weapons along with hardly any game modes to choose from.

Even Call of Duty has more game modes then this does, and you'd think a game with giant robots that can do amazing things would leave the game offering your more creative choices. Actually, we can't even customize our soldier's looks or our titans in anyway and that is sad. Not even a slap of color like red or purple to make them stand out.

Shame... such a shame man. Still great though when you're playing with friends. But it could of been so much more.

This would be an awesome game if it was CS with robots instead of CoD with robots. And it went on sale for $3.00. And it was on Steam instead of Origin of Anger.

I'm ever so sorry about the Back To The Future ride trauma you experienced. One day you shall be able to look past it!

I love TitanFall and am somewhat surprised the amount Yahtzee seemed to like it and to be fair even though I do love the game regardless, most of his gripes are apt.

And whilst the game does feel low on content and missing a lot of features you would expect I feel like they're waiting for TF2 to add stuff/make stuff better. Which I'm obviously not that thrilled about. Back in the day devs would have worked their ass off to make this version great and not just wait a year and sell it to you all over again. (and I like the gameplay that much that I'll be one of the stupid suckers buying again)

Not in particular because of this review but I dont get people not buying a game they might want because its made by someone they dont like (EA in Titanfalls case). It makes sense if there are crappy things that the publisher makes with that game (like EA with Battlefield) but in here they didnt do anything wrong so if someone is trully interested in the game they should buy it.

I get that people want to send a message to the publisher but if you dont even buy the game when they get it right then all you are saying is "independent of what you do there are people that are going to buy and people that are not so you really dont need to change for the better since there is nothing for you to gain from it" (of course it only applies if its a game that you would be interested in).

I have just seen plenty of cases of people that wanted Titanfall but didnt bought it because it was from EA.

Yup, awesome game, bit light on content, though it does have more maps than most shooters of the current era, and it's smaller armoury has lead to it being more well balanced (smart pistol is still for scrubs and the SMG's are still way too accurate but the games industry is never going to learn so fuck it).

Definately light on content for the entry price, if you can find it for $45/30 it's worth jumping into though.

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