Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 2

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"Diplomatic Imunity"


Is it just me or does Just Cause have more of a depth storyline then this game? Thats saying something.

I decided to play it after another watching another reviewer give it glowing reviews. I also remember the plauge of reviews that came out on MSN. I have to hand it to Yahtzee on this one. This game shouldn't have been called Farcry 2. It should've been called "Everyone hates you". And while there are a few that don't hate you there really doesn't appear to be much more to the game. It's like they spent all the time making the graphics, map, and effects leaving the story+gameplay as an after thought.

*Gag*... I want my 19 USD back.

Hey, wasn't that mohawk guy in the "Mercenary School" part the biker from Mercenaries 2? Funny.

Somehow I still have never played this game... I'll go buy it now.

Bah. i havent played all the games, and probably less than you, but i found this to be the worst game. its controls were awful, the repetativity made me die of boredom and the pickup diamons was found randomly driving to missions that made me too rich to count. not to mention the total uselessness of golden weapons that are actually BROWN.
avoid this game.

This is great.

FC2 to this day is one of the few games that I saw through to completion, those almost instantly respawning guard posts ruined the game.

The lush world and fire spread were fantastic though.

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