Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 2

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Lots of accent discussion today...

Good and informative, but he used the annoying accent too much

I peuuuursenellii think african accents sound pretty cool, even if I can't always understand them. :)

Ah Farcry 2, been a long time since I've seen a game with that much potential turn out to be right shit. The combat was solid, vehicles horrifically boring to drive (but again solid enough to get by on) and guns + healing system were pretty and fresh. But all of this was pissed away in a tide of shitty Ai and appalling plot / missions.
Had the game for months now and still not completed it, got around half way through the second area before something more interesting (see: anything) came out and went to play that instead.

Surprised Yahtzee didn't mention the absolutely retarded way in which when you drive through a camp all the happy little inhabitants will jump on their land-rovers, pull up behind you (even if you're driving at full speed) and start gently poking your car, excellent ai right there.

lol good vidio as always yatzy accent was funny.



Nnnnnno. This is definitely not a PG-13 forum. Throwing around words like "cunt" and "fuck" are absolutely fine, though people will probably think less of you for it. He did mention the AI basically has one goal in mind, and that is to kill you, and only you, but other than that, he really didn't mention it, this is true.
It's an FPS though. The controls are basically always the same.

"If you contact IT at and ask for a name change I'll unban you. FuckYouDad is a little too harsh for our site standards. We're kind of a PG-13 site. Keep that in mind when you're posting as well and we're all good.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


...Huh. I stand corrected.

Did he pronounce everything weird in this review on purpose?

Wooo Lymington

Loved the ep. I had similar interest issues with this game. I wonder what was up with the randomly flashed UC Davis symbol...

Lord almighty. He almost had half a review in there. Talk about story, check. Talk about graphics, check. Talk about the sandbox elements which doesn't quite add up, check. Go off on a rant on how people created content ruins the media? Ok, sure. You have a point. Aaaand... We're done? Did you like it, do you recommend it? What about controls and AI? I'm just gonna assume they're fine and dandy or do you want me to look at other reviews?

How 'bout for your next video you just say "Sure is a game!". With all the songs and hilarious notes it'll add up to one and a half minute.

And don't bother defending him people, I'll probably be banned by the mods for my name. Seems this is a "PG-13"-forum, in some strange twist of irony.

Actually, he did talk about the AI - he mentioned that everyone shoots at you even the people you're working for at the time because it's easier to make hostile AI then friendly.

I also got the clear picture that at the end he doesn't recommend it. He starts off by saying that his first impressions where quite good while at the end he says there is utterly no point. That you are given no purpose for doing what your doing and that he lost interest in it because of this, especially after he got to the second zone and things really started to repeat themselves.

I'm not defending him, just pointing out that he did state what you complained about in the review if you had watched it all the way through.

As for your name - you've been here for a while, I know I've seen your posts. So if people where going to have a problem with you name it would have been taking care of by now. I don't consider this forum PG-13 but it does have a strange sense of irony in that it demands you be respectful to other people.

This video pretty much exactly sums up how the game felt to me in the end.

Got it free with my shiny new graphics card, and installed it to see what the new card can do.

Starting out the game sure does look damn good, and ran rather well, and the first 5-10 missions were fun enough, but it's only so long I can bear being smashed off the road by some lunatics in a jeep that literally appear from nowhere.

The respawning of enemies really needed fixing, clearing out a camp, turning your back for 20 seconds and everything is back like nothing has happened.

If I had paid for it I wouldn't have been happy, from all of the reviews around it seemed like the game was the second coming of Jesus, but it sure as hell didn't live up to the expectation that the hype machine had built up.

Good to see FarCry 2 finally getting bashed by ZP. It was necessary. What a pos game. Okay it was more like a review, but I think it was still getting a good whopping. Wasn't positive at least. Was it? Erm.

Oh god, the accent, though.

Seemed pretty positive up until the repetitiveness. Of course, all of those sandbox games he 'listed, are repetitive as well. Mainly he was ripping on sandboxes more than Farcry 2.

Wednsdays don't get any better.

Good except what was with doing the south African accent during the review

I remember having issues with Far Cry 2 about the time i was waiting for the pub to open, on the dilemma of whether my laziness would allow me to drive all the way back to the hut to sleep and speed up time, or just wait it out.

If I remember correctly, GameFAQs sorted out this for me. I was told to go to Mike's Bar, got there at dusk and found it closed and thought, "No! It's time sensitive..." Only to discover that I had to go to the Weapon Shop first and then the Bar would unlock even though it was night.

It was a really fumbled piece of direction early on in the game that should have been caught in QA.

I have been playing little else since it came out and derive a lot of enjoyment from it, despite its many problems. It helps to get the DLC as you then get a crossbow with explosive bolts on it which are very useful in missions.

Something about a Brit/Aussie doing what I think is a South African accent is rather funny to me. It's like an Canadian doing an American(USA) accent. Ripe with humor I say.

And I thought that my ears were being disfunctive, thats just Yahtzee's gag this time. Good work, you got me. I just wonder, does Farcry 2 have the same X-Ray vision?

YES! ANYONE FOR A HIGH FIVE ON THE "75 year old housebound racist from LEAMINGTON"?

There's a whole bunch of us who watch it from here.

I think yahtzee's been watching too much cricket lately - The South African team is touring Australia at the moment so we're constantly hearing their funny little accents on tv pretty much everyday during the news and whatnot. It must've rubbed off on him is my bet. :P

Good review as always, zp needs to work on his South African accent though...

Another great one I laughed quite a bit. Hmm I may pick this up later on

Great review, nailed the single player right on the head. However, the XBL multiplayer for farcry2 is SWEET. Played it for a while and really enjoyed it.

Did he pronounce everything weird in this review on purpose?

You win the mr. Deduction Award.

Although that accent sounded a bit Australian to me. Nevermind, I pretty much agree - Far Cry 2 looks nice, but plot is... well, it is. But there are better sandbox games.

Like Garry's Mod.

Ba dum tisch.

Well done, although I found the accent shifts rather annoying in places. Perhaps it's just my crowded listening environment, but they made Yahtzee's speech rather hard to understand. Aside from that one quibble, the commentary - as always - it astute and constructively pointed. Nicely done.

neatoo i liked, altho i was thinking is that really ben with that accent or someone else

All the other merc's were ignored! What about the shared missions Yahtzee? What of the helpful people?!

Huh... does Yahtzee have a cold or something, or was the change in accent a subtle joke that I failed to get?

I heard that too!


Australian accent has nothing on British accent.

Have now sounds like Hev.

Makes me sad, but the review was funny. "Dis shit be real, yo" was pretty funny along with the neon signs above the guys head.

This was probably the worst of Yahtzee's reviews. It was boring and seemed to have recycled books.

Good Review! Power Ranger references FTW!

My sentiments exactly, although, Yahtzee is a bit more eloquent than I am, and much more talented with the South African accent.

My time to Shine! I live in Cape Town South Africa and the accent he was imitating was the Afrikaans accent (The Afrikaans were the white rulers during Apartheid, now the country is 80% black) and he did an awful job. In places it was passable but it really did suck.

Also, it made playing Far Cry 2 that much more painful as the accents in that game are equally bad.

crikey,I think our boy Yahtz is slippin' into a new accent! I knew no man could live in Australia for so long and not get the accent!

I kinda like it though: it's new, and +10 for the power rangers reference, whom I despise now on looking back

looks liek im not gunna get that game, i wasnt countign on getting it anyway because the first one was just so fustrating

At first the accent was South African, but gradually faded to nasal Australian the longer he used it.

Anyway, I agree with his review: too many sandbox games out already, and they make one with no overarching point. Do not want.

(1st post ever!)


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