Zero Punctuation: Far Cry 2

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LOL funny accent.

Great job Yatzee!

Somehow, I missed the news that Stephen Fry was doing the narration for LittleBigPlanet (I don't have a PS3, so I haven't played it yet). News that I might have missed this time around as well had I not gone back to watch the video again; pausing to take in all the text.

... it's really the little things that make ZP so wonderful.

(The Bear Grylls bit in particular made me laugh.)

Sad to say Yahtzee hit the game right on the money. Only think I could add is the Enemy seems to take more bullets then you can. They Respawn so fast. In the second zone they are better aims and hit harder too. Gun are very unreliable plus the break almost none stop. The Guns will explode as if you have stuck a gernade into the clip. Finally charging at people only to chop them up with your knife is fun and more effective then the guns. All and all the game was not something worth buying.

is it just me or did yahtzee sound slightly...different?

actually now that i think about it, it seemed he took a New Jersey accent

i wonder if its possible if the people who post comments not give exactly how they feel about something "i didnt like far cry" should be the most u people should say. im kindve tired of hearing your opinions graphically announced
i didnt like far cry
oh and i dont wanna hear the if you dont like it dont do it bullshit

This game is great one of my favourite games of all time. Yahtzee is more of a comedian then a reviewer in case you didnt know.


Speeedy bannage up there.
Anyway, I liked it.
Never got much into the Cry Engine games, mostly because I'm in the demographic of "Poor Bastard" and can't afford a system/television to adequately handle the eye-bleedingly wonderful graphics.
Good to know the gaming industry, as a whole, is still following the proud tradition of giving us our cake, then watching us choke on it.

It's not the CryEngine btw, they used less than 2% of the CryEngine code.

In fact Crytek had absolutely nothing to do with it, it was all Ubisoft this time.

The base point remains, though.
If I didn't get into Far Cry or Crysis the first time, why would a shitty sequel make me any more enthused about it?

actually now that i think about it, it seemed he took a New Joysy accent

It was not a New Jersey accent. It was a South African accent. To me it didn't sound anything like a New Jersey accent. Try to condense your posts into one next time too

257'th post. That was an awesome video.

It felt he seemed to be forcing his jokes lately (especially with Mirror's Edge) but this one was hilarious in a great way again :> but the accent made my brain crush out of my skull and hide under the table :S

good review, but it seems our dear boy seems to have something in his throat. Not sure whats up wiht htat.

did his voice sound a little off to anyone else today?

Funny stuff, f**k Dan Brown! Thanks Yahtzee.

thing is, Farcry 2 is ALL ABOUT the mapmaker. People have done some really cool shit with it. It's a pretty freakin' nice mapmaker, and really not that hard to learn. As far as the campaign goes, he's totally right - it sucks zebra balls. But I wouldn't write off the community cuz they're "not game designers". Yahtzee is always so proud of himself for ignoring anything that's not the core campaign. But some people dig makers/editors, and tons of people dig multiplayer.

Of course, there's still no excuse for the crappy campaign. The game has plenty of problems... but I bought it for the mapmaker, and I got exactly what I wanted. Ubisoft can only blame themselves - it's gonna go down in history as a niche title, with a small fanbase of mapmaking fanatics. That's not a very good way to make money.

I think Farcry 2 was a good idea poorly implemented. There were some good things about it (like starting brush fires.... and forgetting to move my jeep) and some bad (ditching my car into a river, and then having to walk three f@^$#!ng miles to find another).

Also, was that a reference to Good Game @ 4.10?

Finally got around to Farcry 2? Sweet.

Although ZP is always genius this one was the best in a while. Hats off Yahtzee

one mans south american accent is anothers new jersey at any rate ill try to condese my posts into one dont wrry
scatterbrained i am when it comes to these things ill say something and then oh damn i forgot to...

Great review but what happend with the accent it sounded like every few sentences he had a toilet brush shoved down his throat for a bit of cleaning ? One can only wonder what the next will be ^^

The random accent changes were gold. It's also about time someone called Far Cry 2 out and stopped blindy slurping Ubisack.

I had a hard time trying not to laugh so loudly over the randomly placed wobbly accent so I could hear what he was actually saying.

Brilliant work managing to bring something new to every review =)

lol that was great.

great review, but was that you attempting to replicate some strange accent, or are you suffering from some type of spontaneous brain damage

Is it just me of is Yahtzee getting a weird accent? I couldn't understand him as well as his previous ones since his voice kindof got higher pitch at random times or something. Though on further reflection, no I'm not the only one and it could possibly be on purpose, but i have no idea.

Oh well, at least now I know why he'll never review LBP :P. Good job, see ya next week.

It's disappointing to hear that FarCry 2 is so boring. Despite its huge jump in difficulty, I liked FarCry and Crysis was pretty good. I might check it out at some stage, maybe when there's good mods around for it.

I am consistently amazed at the number of people who missed the accent joke completely. That said, it reminded me very much of the Apartheight episode of the Goodies, with maybe a touch of Kiwi in it.

Youve gotta love Yahtzee, he always manages to make it funny....also a surprisingly good accent


That line did it for me.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that Dan Brown novels are a pile of shit!

Ahh I've been waiting for him to rip this bugger a new one. I'm surprised he managed to force himself to play that far through because its more than I've ever managed.

You said you wouldn't review this one! Whatever, I guess I was sort of interested in why no one seemed to play it or care. It seems know better than the marketing led me to believe, whereas Farcry for all its lack of plot was one of the prettiest fucking FPS's in existence.

Also, I feel the need to point out that Yahtzee is getting more Australian and less British. Did his accent in this video sound, like REALLY different to anyone else?

EDIT: Ok I'm dumb and don't know my accents as usual something Yahtzee did had comedic value.

i really enjoyed farcry 2

Hmm I didn't notice the accent... looks like I'll just have to watch it again.

south american accent+british accent=new jersey????

Farcry 2 was a big dissapointment to me, it failed to surprise (apart from it's blandness) as the first one did. This is kinda obvious ofcourse but I expected fireworks and amazing gameplay, all I got was repetitive and uninspiring gameplay.

Funny, but FC2 was an EXCELLENT [nearly] game.

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